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  1. The first place I saw it was on a Evening Standard journo's twitter. Anytime after that it was Spurs fans peddling it until local journo's started countering it. Other ones were that the bulk of the fee was made up of add on clauses that would never be met if he was shite and peddled after a season or two. Some also think Levy never makes a bad deal on transfers.
  2. Luke Edwards take on things: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/06/12/mike-ashley-ready-sell-share-newcastle-united-manager-rafael/
  3. What an inherently moral guy.
  4. BBC had some matches last time. I don't think we were on loads but I'm sure we were on a couple of times at least.
  5. Transfers

    Shields Gazette seems sure that Anita and Gouffran won't be getting new contracts. Benitez must be confident about who he can get through the doors if he's letting his utility man go.
  6. Transfers

    I've been playing cm 01/02 with an updated database. Each new one comes out about a month after the transfer window closes, you can still only have three non-eu players in your match day squad and only five subs on the bench but it's still enjoyable.
  7. Should be interesting to see who gets peddled.
  8. Aye, Lascelle had his groin surgery on Thursday or Friday, Hanley has been out a couple of weeks now and Clark has a knock so isn't being risked.
  9. The story that came out was that Thauvin didn't want to come in the first place and it was Marseilles that persuaded him to move.
  10. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/hatem-ben-arfa-slams-psg-9808841.amp You're not my real dad!
  11. I don't think he replied, but when I searched for his account on Twitter you'd tweeted him about the January article. It was similar to the comment you made in the thread on here and in this one about him getting one free shot at an untrue article.
  12. He got the January transfer debacle just about right. You had his life about it on twitter. Anyway, if Benitez doesn't get the proper transfer backing he'll be away (not that I blame him). So it's hard to get worked up about this story when we don't know how Ashley will play it and we could lose Rafa to anyone.
  13. He definitely has a Dick Towel though.
  14. Won't be much, if anything, as he's out of contract at the end of the season.