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  1. Well I am leaving tonite....got my dads Digi cam along too so will maintain this thread for my experiences Will logon after some time...need time to get settle there...Till then...plz suggest 1) If u got a better thread name than this. 2) Anyone would like me to cover some topic which interests them. Byeee Tc rocks!
  2. Yes...I like Cottage cheese. Its Indian name is *Paneer* of late it has been very popular. I hav even learnt to make it...getting ready for my USA escapade...Here Mum cooks me food so never set foot in the kitchen Ok now reciepe... Ingredients:-- 1) Milk. 2) 1-2 Tablespoon Yougart. Procedure:-- Bring the milk to boil....and immediately add 2 tablespoons of yougart to it. The milk will tearapart/separate/precipitate drain the remaing water from the mixture. Voila its ready
  3. Irrelevent but they won the Euro and staged the Olympics !!
  4. Hav fun
  5. Haaaaapyyyyyy BirthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyAy RaDDDDDDDggginAAAAAAAAA!!
  6. Present Sir
  7. I genrally go around adressing myself as "Shearer". So if theres some emergency or I am assisting somebody I would say... Shearer Here Do not Fear
  8. Raiderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Lifes gr8 because its eyes new avenues...But a bit immotional because I am leaving behind loads of happy memors of Bombay, Parents, Frens and my Car But its a phase I am looking forward to And wid u here it can be ANYTHING but *Boring and Predictable* 167550[/snapback] you'll go far Enjoy your experiences. xx 167624[/snapback] Thanx Raider hope I leave upto the expectations Btw I promise to keep everyone updated...wheter anyones intersted or not Planning to get a Lappy in a months time after having settled there !!
  9. Lolz Craig...U still remember that !! Yes I hav brought enough to last him a life long!!
  10. Haha dont tell me u read all of it Thanx for bouncing it though !!
  11. MSN

    Hehe or u may be on an offline status too
  12. MSN

    My apologies Windows Live Messenger is basically just the latest version of MSN Messenger, except with a new name due to a new range of Microsoft software that it is part of. I think anyway 167235[/snapback] ahh thanks Suppose i'll have to get round to doing it sometime 167236[/snapback] I wouldn't be in any rush, MSN 7.5 is better imo 167237[/snapback] Yes 7.5 is brilliant !! Btw MSN running gr8 guns here too !!
  13. Hahaha did u U kno I hav inquired abt the Football football scene there and found out that only the womens team is of professional quality !! I am anything but *SAD* I now hav more chances of making frens wid the football skills
  14. Howdy AL Toontastic Rocks
  15. mancccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc-mag TY P.S--ur previous avtar was soo beautiful than this bloke