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  1. he's also 72 like lol had to end some time
  2. did alright for Fiorentina this year, 29apps 14goals
  3. no sponsor but fucking hell £70
  4. He's going get his balls rolled like lol It'll be a bit of a spectacle at least. Just like the us election and brexit I expect to goto bed and wake up the next day with the predicted result
  5. just watching the finale now, i really liked all three seasons, doesn't get as much credit as it should it's interesting to see how Mike gets involved with Gus and the stuff between him and Salamanca etc considering you only get the tail end of that in Breaking Bad it's not been renewed for a 4th season yet but it should tbh, can't see it being dropped
  6. Naw she didn't , This one needed to be a win for kovalev to make it a trilogy of fights, contentious or questionable finishes mean nothing 2wins for Ward game over, never be a third now, like you say it's a shame the way it ended this time round rather than a clear cut conclusion.
  7. Duva and Kovalev were getting some amount of heckling in the post fight presser i seen which generally doesn't happen unless on there is something like the above which is what made me go look what the craic was since the heckling was a bit more than the usual "ah you're making excuses for the loss" stuff ah well slap it up him then if he's of that nature
  8. only found out about this after the fight, what was it he did, something like a pretend interview between himself/ward and he used the Nword or something?
  9. that wasn't the only one he got caught twice before that low same round and one in an earlier round
  10. yeah "non lethal disruption" generally was the aim, coded phone messages in advance, a vast majority not actual bombs, just scares. It's not really an understatement (and i'd say @ewerk would agree) that if we heard of a bomb alert our initial reaction would be "fuck sake it's going take ages to get home" rather "omg my life is in danger!!" , i'd easily say over the course of my life i'd be close to treble figures from being affected either in school/out and about by bomb scares. Then again i also remember as a kid walking down the main shopping street in belfast which had a gated army checkout at either end and and watching my mum (and every other women) getting a bag searched on their way in to the likes of marks and spencer/primark/woolworths due to the risk of firebombs. So we're just a bit more used to it as well
  11. I don't even think he's got a punchers chance tbh, Mayweather will have (albeit rarely) been hit harder by better, anyway! @Alex
  12. bit weird he had no count either that's what i was struggling to work out (had no commentary on the copy i watched this morning)
  13. He was struggling that round but think he would've lasted to the bell and came back out ok had it not been for those blows, Ward caught him a couple of crackers though leading up to that. First fight was close but think Kovalev shaded it tbh, just though, there's valid argument for ward as well.
  14. does that mean you lost?