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  1. i wear the likes of this for work , prefer boots than broges or whatever
  2. No interest in that fight at all, barely could be arsed with it the first time round
  3. at the age most professionals retire did ya see Nevilles tweet though in fairness he's quite funny at times
  4. Aye same i like being able to see the radar same for pvp (another lost talent with the changeup), but it'll prob be celestial nighthawk for me or the stamp55 ones my favourites were the "don't touch me" gauntlets tbh but they're gone
  5. aye, the only ones i found took time, and i've done twice now is the stuarm/drang quest because you need to decrypt 5legendary engrams, one exotic, and then kill 10 "high value" fallen on nessus, theres a quick farm for it that takes about 5mins a kill going through a fast travel point repeatedly to a lost sector, easy but boring. exotic wise so far i've got Weapons mida multitool Coldheart D.A.R.C.I. Fighting Lion Graviton Lance Merciless Skyburner's Oath Sturm Sunshot the Prospector only a couple of them are any use tbh Armor Mechaneer's Tricksleeves (4 fucking times) Lucky Pants Orpheus Rig none of which are upto much
  6. @wykikitoon i could've sworn i'd already done this... must've been the transfer one
  7. aye and the submachine gun part of it is easy, stand on top of a car or something in the edz , basically anything above ground counts for the 50 airborne kills
  8. Naw I got the rewards for those in clan thing I mean someone in it must've went flawless Trials is alright if you stick to a plan/talk tbh it's not same as pug crucible, it's slower tbh
  9. I did, crucible nightfall, trials but no raid I'll solve that this week lol, 287 too
  10. aye lol suppose i'll look for one to join then (picked a random one)
  11. same here just tried the xbox looking for group for the raid it's woeful 30 mins no joy posts range from be 260-290 and experienced lol it's been out a week i just replied to everything still couldn't get one
  12. did the crucible challenges and got myself up to 285
  13. prob be soap foam or cream at a barbers, i'd be same if i don't use the creams i listed on this thread somewhere. Like ewerk said get it done where you're thinking about before hand and see how it goes, as well as just to see if it's good service and all, I went to a place for handiness sake the other week to get my head shaved, just average barbers but had now started doing "shaves", seen some poor fucker getting one done by some spidey lad, would've been better with a gillette in the house. Been in a couple of turkish barbers in belfast and both were miles better.
  14. naw not at the minute, the last time i bought "top end" it was a 4970x2 which would've been in that sort of bracket cost/powerwise flagship ati card at the time, and i probably spent about 2500 total for that rig This pc overall is pricey enough, everything but the card really, custom watercooling, couple hundred on the case even, but graphics wise at the minute it's just a card that cost around £250 iirc enough to game but not in 4k and not at high/ultra settings 1080p , i held off at around this time last year when the 1070/1080 came out to see how things would settle and if the prices would drop, then ended up not buying anything and just changing the xbox one to a one S. fwiw for a good card that will do well for most gaming needs an rx 580 will be it and be around 220 (it#s not what i have it;s newer and better) top mark... still a 1080 at 500-600 middle ground between the two but still about £400 a gtx 1070 (prob what i'd end up with) lol after D1 and this i still don't have a clue about the over all story and none of it seems to balance out, i can wipe out literal "gods" but x amount of time later, the shite cabal and some normal guy manage to wipe out a planet... But yeah basically you get fed up with the grind, it lasted longer in d1 for me because items felt a bit more unique, the perks were different and such, and the talent trees you could mix and match, again it's all been simplified this year and it's more samey... I needed a break from fifa for something i can log into do some stuff and log off, destiny will be this for a bit, it's not hard to play i don't have to follow it like i would say resi evil 7 or something. But... normally i need to get the best of the best in games/max things out and this is where destiny will eventually drive me to the point of being fecked off by RNG drops and jack it in/
  15. naw a top end graphics card is around 500 tbh to game well unless you're looking to do SLI or whatever and it neverrrrrrr works properly even now. That's the only bit really missing from my setup these days is a card in that bracket, because i don't game on the pc anymore. Like Rayvin (except years ago) i'd have been in a decent counterstrike team winning leagues and such, and similar a top(ish) eu-wow guild but who has the time for that shit or patience now lol. i've no idea how people use controllers for the likes of competitive call of duty etc, the difference between it and a mouse and keyboard setup is chalk/cheese, it's so much slower with a control pad. Anyway looks like i'm soft capped at 283 unless i do the raid (until the weekly challenge/nightfall etc reset) all my engrams/items drop at 274 for normal rewards, need the "powerful" ones or exotics to break my base light level. fwiw this isn't WoW , it's considerably easier, you couldn't do WoW end game stuff with a pile of random people and you'd be there for multiple resets before the content was cleared by the better teams. This stuff gets beaten within hours and starts getting solo'd by people after a month or so. But aye it's a proper grind/time sink, beginning to remember why i stopped in D1 when the last expansion was out.