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  1. 2500 hours? pffft I'm a 35yr old IT genius who dressed up as Bananaman on Halloween...
  2. i've never played this but i'm fairly sure i'd be brilliant as it all looks easy i'd also make vrrrrooom sounds
  3. Looks like Canelo is back to ducking GGG scheduled for two fights one in May one in Sept, rumour is he's trying to avoid Glovokin and fight Saunders in May instead.
  4. They were busy qualifying for tournaments not almost doing it tbh without McGrath, Baggio amongst others probably would've had a shot of getting that tally in a single game
  5. Same apply for suadi arabia and iraq aye? Aye Ireland back then were lost without Houghton, we'll ignore McGrath, Bonner, Keane, Irwin, Aldridge, Staunton, who all had a either a bit of talent or medals from club level
  6. They drew with thailand... 140th in the world whose only wins were against North Korea and Myanmar in the last 10matches
  7. Aye that last match Brazil playing Bolivia in Lapaz was so onsided for brazil but they all looked wrecked, then afterwards alves tweeted a picture of them all in a room on O2 cans
  8. I tweeted the same, they fucking drew with thailand like, 140th in the world
  9. lol he's just copied and pasted it from the last time and forgot to change the location...
  10. That'd have been clever if Lillelien was Danish and not Norwegian, but he's not, so it isn't
  11. speaking of racism, columbia vs south korea the other day
  12. Sure just be a bunch of racists football thugs, and then the Russians
  13. we should've made Glen Whelan cripple Erikson in the 88th minute last sat
  14. then you got shite odds and are probably drooling at a pittance of a return aye? whoopdido
  15. i'm in ok form today surprisingly, lad in our office is a literal bundle of nerves, refuses to talk about the match, or predict a result etc