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  1. this guy apparently cracked up at all the people bitching the nightfall was too hard and did a slow run guide lol to prove the point his team even do the public event on the way through... can't say i disagree after my two runs, some of the nightfalls in d1 with returning to orbit if you wiped with weeks with arc damage buffs etc were miles harder
  2. most of the drivers i've had when using Uber here love it nothing but good things to say (likewise for me using it, never had an issue), they all seem to have jumped ship from two local firms owned by a pair of brothers that have had a monopoly on the city taxi wise
  3. did 2x £5 bets last weekend got £500 back, Lazio made it a bit of a sweat for the last match i needed in the bigger of the two for 400... pummeled genoa , who ended up having two shots and scoring both to make 2-2 until the last 7mins
  4. Aye, i'd say a fair comparison for his attitude is Holyfield, that documentary I watched about him give some good insight (think it was the espn one "chasing tyson") Similar to Mayweather as well for not being a fighter people are overly fond of because he'd been so dominant . I'd say you're right about the holding things back, he's one of the smarter fighters but I think someone as big a hitter and a light hw as Kovalev saying "GGG takes a punch and throws them as hard" gets some credence with someone like him confirming it while other lads are coming out (like canelo) saying "oh i didn't feel it" despite doing a bit of running.
  5. funny enough the former has been quiet on facebook and all
  6. aye, i seen a Kovalev interview from 2013 and he was talking about GGG/Ward as he'd sparred both and thought GGG would take him just because of the constant pressure and that he doesn't get hurt (and coming from a puncher like Kovalev that holds a bit of weight), but similar reason as yourself I wasn't as sure as Ward is an excellent boxer, and it would def have to be a knockout he'd never outpoint ward like you say. I'd say he'd make a good coach, was watching random videos coming up to the canelo fight, and there was a clip (below) of him helping out Barrera who ended up fighting Ward and going the distance a few years later
  7. aye must admit i thought Kovalev was going to absolutely destroy him, and yeah been a great champion with an excellent record. would've been interesting to see him fight GGG a few years ago when it was rumored to be on the cards before the Kovalev fights started to get organised, hard to organise that fight with GGG though not sure it would've generated the money it would've needed to.
  8. that's the way it needs to be for raids but is also the problem, in warcraft it was the same when i played it 6pm raids every day for progression etc, certain "starters" and backup guild members, but it's prob a bit much for Destiny content, but with that chat system you've no other choice since you can't really just go "anyone want to do x?" to the 20people online or whatever Warcraft was mad though people took that shit so serious for being on time for raids and the rest, where as i got to dick about lol, didn't have to "clear trash" when i played, i would flip the tv channel over and play fifa and then someone would give me a shout when we were at the boss, the couple of russian lads we had would flip out about it. but they're chalk and cheese WoW you could spend an entire week on the same boss getting killed over and over, in Destiny if you wipe twice the groups disband < superstar paladin
  9. not tried, will tonight when i get in from work i think, just knocked out all the milestones (apart from the raid) on the 2x hunters last two nights, if i can get a decent set of legendary boots i should be able to infuse them and hit 299 i think the clan system really needs work though it's what put me off trying tbh, it's a good start having people grouped together like that but unlike wow where you have ingame chat channels, going through the website etc is a bollocks, it seems like our lot do nothing and just do the raids in pugs still. e.g made a post about the nightfall wwhile in work in the clan, 3hrs later no replies, got home queued in the "guided nightfall" 20mins had a team and knocked it out They need to stick power levels indicators/where you are in the "roster" banners when you can see the big list of people as well, hovering over everyone to see see what power they are or if they're in a group doing trials/raids etc takes too long
  10. i've made another couple of jumps, but the gear for hunters is fcking grim stat wise it's all mobility and resilience, zero recovery
  11. Did the nightfall there with two cretins, tighter that time with 2mins left but still on the first attempt but tbh I carried then at sections, soooo many deaths
  12. fuck up bogtrotting sympathiser anyway... haye will beat him this time round, but no one will care ! and for anyone wondering why GGG was robbed by Byrd and Teddy Atlas went bananas
  13. pretty much lasted for longer than expected as well, was funny at start he actually emailed asked was it down
  14. Can't post but i didn't "block" it all off on him like i did leazes ages ago so it's like the site doesn't exist, so he can see it and be seething i'm a prick like but i don't care
  15. fuck no, and that was one of my deaths purely because of the damage ya take on the sparrow if ya make an error, but no blew straight through and nuked the ones nearest the door/top section same with the walker, right down to it ignore everyone else ya can, same with the dark room jump to the top, knock off the time things from there and enemies throwing grenades and being annoying while ya do it (same with the ghost room soon as it drops even if shanks and such are still up fuck em and run on) this is why i don't like the time mechanic it basically turns it into a "how much stuff can i bypass" run rather than balancing the difficulty.
  16. Do people still think talking like that makes it a mini victory for them or that it'll be like reverse psychology? (forgot about stevie doing that way ages ago...same result) let's be clear i don't need an excuse, to be dared to do it, or goaded into it. This has zero consequences for me and very very little thought goes into it, pretty much it all comes down to one small decision "Can I be fucked with opening a page and making 2 clicks" Most of the time out of sheer laziness and the fact the forum sorts itself out i don't need to and get to ignore it, but every once in a while (single figures still) it has to happen because someone who should be old enough to know better acts like ..well you. It's at this point i get to the "urghhhhhhhh fuck me" stage where I read a post and just want to bounce my head off a desk realising that by being an I.T genius and making the world more accessible for fruitcakes I am giving myself headaches by having to witness them being let loose on places like here. Sadly for yourself, you can take that stance "go ahead ban me see if i care!" all ya want but.... #1 you reset your own password to get back on here #2 left in a huff and came back #3 got a temp ban and came back #4 never fucking off here posting shite So i know you'll be raging really, and those (to quote cartman) bitter tears of unfathomable sadness are so very tasty
  17. you could just post like less of an arsehole but i feel you're incapable of it tbh, whether it's deliberate or just because you're a spacker i've no idea. either way derailing multiple threads with nonsense adds no value, so the next one will be permanent
  18. I sense another enforced break on the horizon for a certain fruitcake
  19. the new strategy is to do it in one phase, get upto 48+ stacks and just wipe them out in one go there's a load of maps with the paths the dogs walk wher ethey run etc but aye with randoms it's going be tough a section like that because of the lack of being able to recover from one persons fuck up. i stood behind the "ring" at that section at the door/ ledge you enter from and focused on the left side, those two i did it with sat in the ring and seems to focus on right, if one of them went walkabout i jumped in to keep the speed on it... and likewise if they ended up getting blown up by an overcharged shanks or a maurder then i could pick them up and survive, that room is def the bottleneck, as well as the boss fucking off during invisible phases. Likewise i had saved super for the "ghost" defending bit and waiting till the servitor pair appeared before using that, then the orbs they generated after that give me another for the heavy shanks that appear towards the end. for the walker/pike bit you just try and nuke it if you die in that area it makes no difference so being cautious is daft, you're even likely to have a other random people there, it's a public section for that raid. like yourself i sparrowed down nade and rockets at it and had it dropped by time those two got down, think they were collecting the time extending things.
  20. when we got got there? ah can't really remember tbh but we'd over 5mins left at the end cause i remember thinking"jesus everyone says this rat king thing is hard and i've done it twice now without actually going for it" did you destroy the little conflux things as you went along to add on the 30seconds every time? even in the room just before the boss (the one thats black that you have to platform jump tot he top of) we stopped at the top and picked them off from there before we went in, it's this weeks version of jumping through the rings from last week. (likewise with the constant flow of adds i'd no real issues health wise there was usual a pool of light floating about to get back on track), think i died 3 times, and two of those were being blown up while on the sparrow between sections i'm not a fan of the timed nightfalls even if i've not had issue with them i don't like the mechanic , cheap way to add difficulty rather than scaling or something more inventive (in fairness looking at reddit a stack of people are having real difficulty with nightfall this week so maybe i got a lucky run last night)
  21. aye raids are all about learning the phasing for prep and survival tbh e.g when this happens that door over there opens xyz is coming out of it so have a grenade/heavy ready going do the nightfall on my other hunter tonight and the milestones then i'll do the raid tomorrow
  22. just had the celestial nighthawk drop twice in a row... lol typical anyway upto over 292 now, nightfall was a piece of piss, did it with two randoms in that "guided nightfall" no mics no nothing and i was higher light than the two i did it with.... only tip i have is if you're looking at the boss from the enterence to his section, platform plat middle platform(this one) platform goto the east side and sit there, defend it never move, that's all we did
  23. A world war 2 game without nazis? Lol
  24. And rightly so, stupid patterned things, don't see the issue with mine like plain office shoes minus laces pretty much