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  1. Which explains why we're around them. When we beat them they'll start to fall away.
  2. Elliot should be disappointed there mind, I am.
  3. Paying for it.
  4. Man, Joselu. That was the worst of them.
  5. Great result, well done Lascelles.
  6. Yeah wtf was he at there, just blatantly kicking at the cock with no play on the ball. They're certainly getting the rub od the green on decisions. The yellow for Hayden comes to mind there as their player blatantly played for that contact. Merino's dive was most egregious because it was a nice touch that took the ball past the defender, blatantly coached into him which is not an excuse so much as an explanation I'd have absolutely no issue with a retrospective yellow being issued.
  7. Too early to say whether we'll be alright, West Ham were atrocious and we've beeb rubbish in our other games and patches of that one too.
  8. Guys it's ok, there's 6 deals subject to approval still to be announced in the league. Only question is do we have 6 players that are saleable or are some of that 6 incoming deals for other clubs?
  9. He'll line his next move up before leaving.
  10. I wasn't expecting a great window, or even a good one, but I thought we'd at least get one or two in in the final few days. Long season ahead.
  11. Oh boy, showing some real ambition.
  12. Window's closing and Charnley's coming to the party by asking our scouting network for a list of premier league targets.
  13. Yeah we should have held out for the 50p he was worth upfront.
  14. It'd be a stark shock if we landed a Targett for once. He's a LB apparently, how many have we been linked with....
  15. The point is there's a double standard. Kane made a "tackle" with excessive force through a player, Mitrovic braced himself in a way that was dodgy and foolish. One of them involved excessive force and resulted in the injury of a player, the other resulted in no injury and an exaggerated reaction from the impacted player attempting to get attention from the referee. I'm not saying that either is right, but there is definitely a double standard in operation where the players reputation and the club involved impacts on the likeliness of a retrospective charge being brought upon them. The FA have previously changed their position regarding revisiting incidents that have been handled by the match referee so that should no longer figure in the equation. Mitrovic will get 3 weeks I'd say, in this case the charge bring brought is as good as a guilty verdict.