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  1. 4-1 down at Old Trafford, enjoy your chance Mitro.
  2. We lacked urgency in defense there, plenty of space and opportunity for us with the ball, we're failing to make the most if it at the minute.
  3. Yep, that was the most clearcut chance of the game.
  4. Good to have Shay in the studio, to help balance things out.
  5. First one yeah, but second was point blank could just as easily have come back off him. The defender (Lejeune) should have won the ball.
  6. Total bollocks that, the contact from Lukuka was clearly worse but no mention of it. Lejeune switched off for that cross, classic late in the half goal to concede.
  7. You beauty, great run Yedlin and lovely goal. Nice lead up and dinish from Gayle.
  8. My mistake, he did it very early against Sweden which was England's second game. Some might say that Owen was never truly a Newcastle player...
  9. From the spot. Our player at the time...only one of ours at the cup that year from memory.
  10. Players have come back from worse form than Joselu is in now (Perch springs to mind). His contributions dictate that he absolutely must be dropped for a spell. It would be good to have more options than Mitrovic and Gayle to replace him, but that's our current reality. Many would like to see Mitrovic given a run in the first team to be able to make their minds up conclusively on him, now is the best oportunity to do that with as little risk as possible. However given that he didn't get a run in the championship under Rafa it's unlikely that he'll get one here, on the surface if he does it would be due to a lack of options alone, rather than a change of heart from Rafa.
  11. Comprehension on here is sadly lacking.
  12. Bizarre that you could think that tbh.
  13. 1. Not advocating a twitter onslaught. Suggesting that a player should not be influenced by inevitable criticism levied at them on social media whether due or not, and that instead they should be aware of their own form. 2. Slowly moving forward is currently overachieving through strategically structured play designed to eliminate as much of the risk of conceding goals as possible. Good timing and happenstance have contributed to just about the only element that we've moved forward in, and that's coaching/management. Let's not kid outselves here, if we had a Rafa quality manager in for a meaningful amount of time in either of the relegation seasons then we would never have been relegated. So we've effectively moved forward in one admittedly important aspect whilst in just about every other way we've gone backwards. Spare Rafa and the circus of Ashley we're a non entity in the league. 3. Of course it's frustration you absolute peanut. Anyone who watched that game, in particular the second half, has a right to feel frustrated. Compounded when local kick-off is at 2AM. 4. Fuck off.
  14. The bikkies they're on warrants it to be frank. If they're happy to take money that essentially comes from supporters then, they should be taking legitimate criticism on board and trying to do something about it. Sure it's not his fault he is continually selected but at some point criticising a player's performance becomes part of a means to an end. It's quite clear that unless something changes we're going to be blessd for the rest of the season with set ups that mimimise the risk of conceding, with little chance of scoring becauae we simply don't have the quality out there. It was good to see Gayle start in a sense because it's perhaps a sign that certain players aren't beyond being dropped, likewise with Perez starting on the bench. Bringing both him and Murphy on proved pointless as has persisting with Joselu who seems to get worse every time we see him, if his confidence hasn't bottomed out based on how he's played then a little bit of a nudge on social media is overdue. What a woeful half of football that was, not scapegoating, everyone collectively was embarrassingly bad, couldn't maintain possession let alone create anything.
  15. Good thing is by the end of the season we'll be 7000% sure that there is nothing about Joselu that should result in him starting.