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  1. Partially down to the opposition, but for an early pre-season game I thought our passing was pretty crisp and our movement much better than our normal pre-season levels.
  2. Fractured metatarsal. Tripped on a potato.
  3. Burkina Fasospor Delight? Totes jelly of that sweet move if it comes off, he'll be a real treat.
  4. Trooper has sadly drowned. RIP
  5. As a supporter you don't really gain anything from the club being prudent, and they expect anything but from you. You want them to be visionary and innovative and invest in key management, coaching and support roles that facilitate meaningful nurturing of talent and effective acquisition of players.
  6. We'd never want a balding striker.
  7. No idea about him, except that this had been talked about for weeks. Coming from Eibar I'd imagine low wages, so it's a low risk signing despite the reasonable fee* *- Not high by today's standards.
  8. You're not even wearing a hat you crafty bastard.
  9. When you're shit it's a great platform for a keeper to impress.
  10. One thing is for sure, if anything does happen only the most ignorant "supporters" will go into a new dawn with the wide-eyed optimism that many of us had (to varying degrees) when learning of Ashley's purchase.
  11. Have to agree. I was hoping by the end of the championship season we'd know whether he was any good for certain. We still don't, but he's not likely to be given enough time to find out. I'd say he's better suited to the prem vs the championship though. This is despite being a physical player, the championship refs let anything go, even more so for physical players.
  12. Yeah he did, realised after I posted. That was a fantastic game.
  13. Because of the wording I'm going to throw out: Carroll Lovelyhands Shola
  14. Al Owen Cole Ferdinand Nolan Wijnaldum
  15. Reported.