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  1. Foolish person that you are
  2. Ban Xmas, and keep your women at home in the kitchen where they belong
  3. Redknapp and Ashley the dream team , off with their heads
  4. oh how right you are ... the sooner you white women know your place, the better for you
  5. http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h...l%3Den%26sa%3DN
  6. beating the doors down for 45m quid nobody is stupid enough to believe that are they
  7. he's making excuses change the name to Dyer and its the same load of shite
  8. dirty den
  9. Left flaccid listening to what toondood and his mates have to say. did you get a hard at what the others said
  10. agreed however wrong, stupid or evil they maybe. and the freedom of speech which makes this country so great
  11. we are all entitled to our beliefs
  12. Happier. Allardyce is the man for us
  13. yawn.
  14. I agree. When Leazes always ridiculed the concept of "planning" I've said a couple of times that of course you need the right playing staff, but that it is also very important to give them the appropriate environment which would pay out in long term. It's not just about backing your managers with big money that they can buy fancy strikers. So you think that we played in the Champions League without a better plan than all those who didn't what a dickhead
  15. I thought they matched the 6m valuation ?