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  1. only in the broadest sense of the word.
  2. 30 is too young. RIP Cheick.
  3. damn beat me to it.
  4. <sigh> no experiments then?
  5. WRONG!!!! this not what was asked of you, provide your findings from your experiments. maybe read a book
  6. please provide proof of your experiments and your findings and stuff from said experiments
  7. yes
  8. these guys are playing my local festival this august!
  9. what color is the bear?
  10. weak like gravity?
  11. what are the top websites used for this sort of news. i use the sky football site and the chronicle (which is spotty for access), would appreciate any other reputable ones.
  12. do you think the "other means" would be SD money? it all seems deliberately vague.