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  1. Playing Gran Tusimo in 4K HDR & it's absolutely lush
  2. Thats about 15 years ago when it had a "night life".
  3. My brother once had similar in Chester-le-street. Bloke didn't like the answer so smacked the pizza out of my brothers hand. My brother decked him but that doesn't bring the pizza back.
  4. Easily tbh. I like Liverpool and Manchester like but I don't think Newcastle is lacking in anything.
  5. I prefer Newcastle to Manchester & Liverpool tbh and yeh can keep yer London wine
  6. I went to a place called "Ryhope" (I think) as I was giving my sister a lift to pick up some vintage TVs for her art installation. Apart from the actual TVs themselves it was like going 30 years back in time apart from people had somehow conspired to dress worse. There was a constant fog in the air. We picked the TVs up and I popped in the shop for someting. On the way in a guy put his tab on the floor. He picked it up on the way out.
  7. Gonna be class when we win the league and the advertising hoardings flash up DEDICATED TO THE KING OF DUBAI in English and Arabic and people don't know what to do with themselves