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  1. "Politicised" in this sense basically just means that we want the people responsible to be held to account and some people think this is a bad thing. Corbyn told them ages ago & the Tories voted against making rented properties "safe for human habitation".
  2. No wonder the first thing they did was blast it into space.
  4. We'll be use to the pitch after winning the league cup a couple of weeks before hand.
  5. What's the point in giving them money if they're only going to waste it on quinoa and top hats?
  6. I'd rather keep Fat Mike.
  7. the back patch as well, there's literally no effort gone in to that
  8. Looks like one of those bags you get when you go to an off license.
  9. ''listen Theresa, all we want is for people not to believe in dinosaurs anymore....''
  10. I'd bet they'll get a manager I've never actually heard of. Jimmy McManager of Sweaty FC signs a three year deal or something.
  11. I still play it every now and then
  12. Can someone give me a summary?