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  1. Can't wait to get relegated
  2. Newcastle are playing today
  3. £10 a ticket as well. (Which is a good thing obviously)
  4. I can see them having a good shot at it. Matic is a great signing.
  5. Pardewball from Swansea. Ridiculously defensive at 0-1 down and they go on to lose 0-4
  6. I'd be more worried about any sudden movements. Getting caught by his sharp cone head.
  7. If Scud can go in with a pink & blue Mohawk accompanied with a wonga top as well as jeans & sheaux then people should be able to wear hot pants.
  8. USA White nationalists carrying Nazi insignia isn't really new either. It's been around both pre-war and not long after WW2.
  9. £1500 worth of cover? That's not a lot for actually dying.
  10. Magic Money...wait what!?
  11. I haven't seen any of my 'cassingles' from 1994 for an incredibly long time. Which is a shame as that PJ & Duncan on must be worth a fortune.
  12. That's kind of the point
  13. Yeh it's excellent. It's pretty much pastiche all the way through but it's great fun. Seen them support the manics in Newcastle a couple of weeks back but they only played a couple off the new record.