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  1. Transfers

    Not many players have the passing range of Shelvey though. If you are playing an AM and DM then Diame, Hayden or De Jong could potentially play a more attacking role
  2. Transfers

    Hopefully means we are trying to shift Colback. As far as strikers go I think we should be in for Andre Grey. Young, in the last year of his contract, would see us as a step up. His attitude would be the only worry, he had a bit of the Nile Rangers about him when he was younger
  3. Transfers

    Real Madrid have agreed a €180,000,000 fee for Mbappe
  4. Transfers

    I think you've clicked on the wrong video buddy
  5. Transfers

    Jesus Christ, that's like that Shola parody compilation. I watched the first 2 mins and Manquillo gave away a penalty and didn't complete a pass
  6. So David Attenboroughs old producer is essentially a living, breathing Basil Fawlty tribute
  7. Is there a banjo and a flute in your bedroom band?
  8. That'll do his PTSD the world of good, the nasty bastards
  9. £40 per hour is nigh on £80k pa!
  10. Transfers

    Aye, if Adrian and Randolph are the quality of keeper we are looking at I'd rather keep Darlow or give Woodman a chance
  11. Transfers

    If you discount the teams with silly money (Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton), we are the second highest spenders this window behind Huddersfield
  12. Milo's fucking legend tbf
  13. All clubs 2nd strings are the u23s now
  14. I went to see Blyth instead. We were 4-0 up after 50mins against Boro's 2nd string
  15. He's still got me banned for laughing when he suggested he was bald by choice