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  1. We've looked pretty good tbf. Some poor finishing and 2 crap goals to concede unfortunately. Their defence is all over though
  2. Ffs Elliot should have done better again
  3. Murphy off for Aarons at half time. He has zero confidence
  4. Poor by Hayden and Elliot. Shame as we've been the better team
  5. Aarons must have shagged Benitez's Mrs. Murphy looked like a schoolkid playing against Bournemouth so what hope has he got at Old Trafford?
  6. I wish I wasn't banned from RTG
  7. Tbf, he's about as good a manager they can get right now and he was probably 5th or 6th choice
  8. He's fucking crackers. I can only assume he's on £2mil pa on a 3 year deal and he thinks it's £6mil in the bank whatever happens.
  9. Great thread on twitter to name their 2 new gritters
  10. Blyth
  11. Doesn't really shock me that a millionaire sex pest would be happy to chuck money at making sure it goes away.
  12. The irony
  13. The wife's at work on a Christmas Day so we will be spending the morning together and then ill be at me ma's in the afternoon
  14. Great song. She should have taken a shit on the drums though if she was trying to be rock n roll. Waddling off stage with your pants round your ankles kinda kills he vibe