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  1. Transfers

    We've still got 4 keepers unfortunately. Personally would like 1-Reina 2-Elliot or Darlow 3-Woodman
  2. Wonder if he had the last 4 years of his 8 year deal paid up
  3. I could watch Goonies, Beverley Hills Cop and Big Trouble in Little China daily and not get bored
  4. I'd imagine it's temporary moves and they aren't giving 68 families £1mil+ flats each to keep. Mine would be on rightmove by nightfall
  5. It's bizarre that this is a national story. How many other premier league scouts can you name?
  6. How can the criticism be unjust if he admits he got the decision wrong?
  7. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=29b_1497346739
  8. You either lashed him, gave him a good licking or did fuck all and gave him the lickings of a dog Make your mind up and stop murdering the English language
  9. So May has agreed to have a 2 part Brexit Part 1 is to agree our withdrawal from the EU Part 2 is to agree future relations/trade deals etc They are blatantly expecting Labour to be back in power in the next 12 months and are setting them up to fail in advance
  10. Transfers

    They reckon Lejeune is just about completed and Tammy will make his mind up after the euro's. Couple of other fandoms linked today, a DM I've never heard of and a Cameroonian striker, Aboubakar. Neither particularly exciting although I like the strikers wiki edit
  11. Bought one off eBay for £20 last year. Certainly brought a different perspective to watching filth but the novelty wore off after a few weeks id imagine one of the proper pieces of kit would be a different level though
  12. Hes got a punchers chance. He's one of the best strikers in the UFC and his timing is second to none. That's against other MMA fighters though rather than pro boxers His cardio is woeful too and he nearly lost to Diaz twice as he was fucked after 10mins. If if they were fighting with 6oz gloves I'd have given him more of a chance
  13. May cant do right for doing wrong tbf. If she visits these attack sites she gets abused and chased back into her car. If she doesn't she's a callous bitch
  14. You missed out an earlier step in the chain though. The West's invasion of the Middle East which in turn created the likes of ISIS