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  1. Did Meyers Briggs Test through a leadership course at work a couple of years ago. Came out with ENTP
  2. Given up the diet?
  3. Hodgson looks like the circle jerks album cover there
  4. I see Ewerk beat me to it!
  5. Redknapp sacked by Brum, the old bastard
  6. I found the lass, the fat lad and the lad with the stammer decent enough actors. The speccy one, sickly one and curly haired one were pretty by the numbers though. The speccy one in particular was supposed to be the comedian of the group and he just didn't pull off his lines
  7. I probably get to the cinema twice a year now if Im lucky but we managed to see IT today. I enjoyed it although it may as well have been a feature length Stranger Things episode. I got offered a free DVD off Sky so I've ordered the original as well to compare
  8. I'm glad weve got points on the board as we have probably had the easiest opening 5 games of any team
  9. Stokes defence was hopeless today. Outdone by Joselu though. Only had the keeper to beat 3 times, toe poked it at him for one and missed the goal completely for the other 2 Weve got a natural finished who cant hold the ball up in Gayle, and a big man who can hold the ball up but cant finish his dinner in Joselu
  10. Joselu has missed 2 of the easiest chances he will get this season
  11. Why kiss your wife when you can shake her hand and then push her off stage I'm sure he leaned in for a kiss too and she telegraphed it
  12. Be careful next time you accept a friend request from a road or a chicken nugget http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/fake-social-media-accounts-pretending-11175055.amp
  13. What a little cunt
  14. I see Clark Carlisle is missing. Bad news. He was lucky to survive stepping in front of a truck a couple of years back
  15. This whole Mane red card is getting on my tits. If you rake your studs down someones face at head height, leaving them bleeding and needing oxygen while stretchered off the pitch in a neck brace then of course its a fucking red card! https://twitter.com/football_ie/status/906511488646565888