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  1. Transfers

    Northern echo reporting Mbemba available for transfer
  2. Transfers

    Are you implying that you can my good sir?...
  3. Saw Dunkirk yesterday too, difficult to say that I "enjoyed" it, probably due to the fact that it's a fairly truthful account of what actually happened. Agree with Tooj, not many films have moved me in the way this did., a stunning piece of cinema. Mark Rylance is probably one of history's greatest character actors, he's brilliant as the skipper of one of the "little ships". Didn't know till this morning that Harry Styles was in it, he was very good too and could have a big future as an actor ahead of him.
  4. Us being in for Hagi under KK rings a bell.... I liked Batty but imagine signing Hagi instead
  5. The current Mrs PL is in floods...her favourite band. I only listened to LP after meeting her, he had an awful early life apparently. Strangely I've been working with a lad who plays Radio X, which I'm not that familiar with, all day. They played "doesn't really matter" about 3pm today. RIP Chester. Hope you find peace ✌️
  6. Is it fair to say that there was, back in the heady days of May, a school of journalistic thought that stated Rafa wouldn't be happy to be an also ran in the Premier League?..... am thinking that the window so far has pretty much blown that out of the water. The level of player we're recruiting is for stability and consolidation rather than an assault on 5/6/7. I don't have a problem with that, any club owned by Ashley will be subject to major financial constraints compared with our competitors. I think I'm a tiny bit surprised that the manager has settled for this level tbh, that for me suggests a couple of conflicting things though; one is that Rafa is here for the long term and can put up with Ashley's shenanigans in return for being able to mould the club into precisely what he wants, however long the process takes due to the owner's well documented "thriftyness". The other is simple, he's one fraught phone call away from telling fatty to shove it. His comments from Dublin strike the same realistic tone as earlier statements but seeing the pond in which we are fishing it's him who's taking them most literally. Just hope he can carry the more histerical elements of our support with him.
  7. Fun Ulster fact of the day I used to work with a lad who played in goal for Ards, and Linfield iirc, Andy Macdonald. He held the distinction of being coached by two ex NUFC players, Willie McFaul and Tommy Wringht
  8. Went to a silver wedding anniversary bash yesterday...we had the couple round for dinner in March, the girl has apparently lost 3 stone to fit into her wedding dress which she wore for the whole day yesterday, complete with tiara, she also wore the same shoes from 1992 as well. Sit down meal at 4, evening guests at 7pm, live band. Staggered home, witnessed a lad being chased on to the railway track which runs along the back of our house. The current Mrs PL phoned the police. Got home and someone had left a can of San Miguel on the doorstep. The police didn't call back.Am currently still feeling a bit pissed due to spending 8 hours drinking Kronenbourg 1664, something I've not done since around the time this couple got married. Am thinking yesterday was quite bizarre
  9. I hadn't clicked on it to check. Agree with your sentiments. Might go sit in the garden
  10. Transfers

    How much for James Ward Prowse to replace him in today's market?
  11. Transfers

    Man City apparently have agreed to pay 50mill + for Kyle Walker and Mendy from Monaco. 100million for a couple of full backs in one day
  12. Transfers

    Thing is we'll do well to replace half of them. Can't see us getting rid of Dummet or Colback. Wouldn't complain about ginger but Dummet had a decent season and deserves a chance in the squad.