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  1. Colemans strength is pulling people together; I remember Al Fayed interrupting a post game interview to tell the nation as much when he turned things around at Fulham. Just been watching a piece on the bbc where Gareth Bale says exactly the same thing, this was from 2015 and their achievements the following year speak for themselves. That is precisely what SAFC need as it’s pretty plain to me that most of their players over the last 3 or 4 years haven’t really given a flying fuck about the club or it’s fans. He’s what they need tbh, let alone any cash injection.
  2. Sounds like certain "celeb" nufc fans on Twitter at the moment
  3. My money's on Clive Myrie
  4. You could put Armando Ianucci, Ian Hislop, David Frost, the fellah who wrote Yes Minister and the host of great satirists throughout the ages in a room and their combined wit and imagination couldn't come up with the abdoloute shower of utter shit that is todays Conservative Party.
  5. The 94 team were mint. Brolin came to England after that and jacked football in to become a professional food taster. Pity he was still contracted to Leeds and Palace at the same time
  6. The ref tried to ensure Italy got through last night but they were even too shit for that. Football is cyclical, Holland didn't qualify in 82 or 86 after having one of the best teams in history in the 70s. Italy would've been dull as shit anyway. They're miles from the squad of 2006. Bobby Charlton climbed out of a plane wreck that killed mist of his teamates to become a world and European champion. Given that context I think his words carry a lot of weight.
  7. Buffon crying his fuckin eyes out the dirty great jessie...Bobby Charlton says crying with emotion at victory is fine but crying because you got beat just isn't on. I agree
  8. it's taken a couple of months but tdan is starting to crack. Good work everyone Aaron Hughes starting for the Brits
  9. Think Souness rates Zico in that match as the best player he's ever played against. About 35 degrees at pitchside that evening. Another player said Brazil were so good they let Scotland have the ball in the areas where when they inevitably lost possession it was easy for Brazil to play one ball and they were in on goal. Lots of games played at 4pm just when we were getting home from school, we watched Italy put Brazil out in probably the best game is ever watched up to that point.
  10. Wtf are you the ghost of Jimmy Hill?
  11. With my old man watching 76 cup final manu v Southampton, the following year he's fuckin mortal watching Scotland v England after the lunchtime sesh, throwing his shoes about the living room & roaring like a caged bear, never mind his English born wife and 3 kids, when that goal post broke in two he fuckin loved it I didnt suppprt anyone so one day i asked him who he supported..."Leicester City"..." why them??!" I asked...." the manager is an old mate of mine" It was true too, hed done his national service in Malaya with Jock Wallace in the KOSBs. Then he took me and my brother to our first game, a friendly Poole Town v Southampton, I jumped 10 feet out of the stand to get Lawrie Mac's autograph, got a clip round the lug for that. After that we'd moved to Scotland and it was David Narey v Brazil in the 82 world cup, when that ball hit the back of the net he jumped out his seat and ran around the living room until his specs fell off and smashed on the hearth At that point I was 12, and I wanted to go and watch proper football he said " I don't want you going to Glasgow and getting involved in that bloody nonsense, if you want to you can go to Newcastle with Bobby Pringle and watch them, they're not very good but they've just signed Keegan" ....the rest as they say is history..hes just turned 82 now and is depressed as fuck anout the state of the Scotland team (has been for 20 years now tbf ) but still loves to watch a good game. Lucky still to have him around
  12. Is this why he barely played at Dortmund?...
  13. @wykikitoon Do the neighbours in the middle house in any way go on to the land that you own to access their land? If its not an issue for them or you as we speak, and youve already said the easement is redundant, its not really an issue. How did the buyers come by the information? If its redundant it seems strange that they actually know. Is it in the Land Registry title document? if it is its not likely to be "redundant" as its literally on the plan. Getting the estate agents involved seems a bit pointless. yours sincereley The current Mrs PL. former conveyancing secretary to posh fuckers, now doing personal injury; "where theres blame theres a claim"