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  1. "Not my fault guv..."
  2. Rafa seems to have improved the level of performance of most of the players since the start f the season. Possibly teams coming at us more in this division is giving us more space to attack in too,but the signs are most players are improved at least 10-15% on last season. After what could be described as a "summer of discontent" that is frankly phenomenal. And am off to Brighton next Sunday, with Monday off
  3. "Tetraquiestra"
  4. I saw a comment by a stoke fan in the week about Joselu missing chances v Swansea, and that being the sort of thing that encouraged Hughes to sell him..ho hum..
  5. Whisky auction.com or something is what you need Rents....my mate has just sold a bottle of The MacAllan for two grand on it, his old man Ossie from Ryton (RIP) was a plasterer and was working at some big house 40 years ago or something when he came acros a load of this stuff in the cellar, Ossie and his mate sussed that it was worth a fair bit even back then, so the liberated a case or so, a lot of which was actually drunk by Ossie's mate's wife
  6. Just used viagogo for the first time. Tickets for TheThe next June, only playing the Albert hall and Brixton the night after. If Matt Johnson announces a nationwide tour next week I think I might have a breakdown
  7. I've lived in Poole for around 37 of my 48 years....basically spent the entire 80s in the foothills of the Cheviots with some sheep, my only salvation being visits to the smoke to see the likes of KK,Pedro,Gazza and Billy Whitehurst
  8. I've never read that before. So I thought I would. https://www.spectator.co.uk/2016/06/the-day-i-stopped-believing-in-the-friendship-myth/ Don't know what to say
  9. Indeed Tbf I was also born here. So back to your peat bog with you
  10. Toby Young? Away and fuck yourself CT man There's now two food banks where I live in Poole . One of the wealthiest boroughs in Britain. Of course that proves nothing but neither does the smug propaganda the likes of Young turns out to reinforce the prejudices of the ignorant.
  11. Grant Hart has died....its bloody strange how people you've never met can make you feel sad when you hear of their passing.. https://g.co/kgs/eosh4k
  12. Saw this earlier...really liking our new sponsors
  13. There's a theory that unlimited unskilled labour from the EU has kept wages low for native Brits. Anecdotally I think there's something in it, but not sure about the overall effect nationwide.
  14. Dennis Skinner voted with the Tories last night, and cited our glorious leader (SD's main distribution warehouse is in Skinners constituency) as part of the reason...
  15. How much do palace stand to lose if they get relegated? 50-100 mill? I imagine they're thinking about that and that alone and don't want an insurmountable gap to open up before the end of err, September