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  1. Brian Cant legend in his day rip
  2. This was always the EUs plan. It's also not as black and white as you describe. The divorce discussions go so far and then the trade talks kick in. But ultimately, nothing's agreed until everything's agreed.
  3. It's looking like nobody has done anything illegal and that the fault lies squarely with government not toughening regulations. I have no idea how anyone is sleeping in a similar block. Country definitley needs a major overhaul.
  4. It was a tweet from a green supporter in Wigan
  5. Never gonna happen
  6. give over, Austerity is getting binned pronto. Probably copying the Labour manifesto onto goat skin as we speak. This will turn out as one of those evil coalitions where they take the credit if it goes well and them blame Labour when it turns to shit. Think Labour are going to struggle to stay out of the process.
  7. Seem to be lots of reaching out today from Tory MP's. Labour could look very poor if they ignore, particularly as their plans are pretty similar.
  8. Football Genius
  9. I think a lot of those who voted Brexit would sacrifice leaving for Corbyns manifesto.
  10. Well I said a few days ago that stopping Brexit would be a good stance for Corbyn. But as I tried to explain last night, 82% voted for parties who have agreed to leave the EU. The danger is if anyone weakens that position then they will lose voters at the next election.
  11. Well given EU politicians have lined up all weekend to say the result has "weakened her hand", the opposite would be true. Having a larger majority would have freed her up to get the best deal where as before she was pretty controlled by the eurosceptics with her party.
  12. Not so sure. If May had got her increased majority then I think we would have, however there's no denying that Jeremy's magic money tree has made things more difficult. Id rather we just stop in than end up in some half in, half out arrangement.
  13. Good read.
  14. 82% of voters have just voted for party's promising to exit the single market and cease free movement of people. Big electoral risk for any party to go back on that.
  15. Be interesting where this goes over Brexit. Labour fought on leaving the single market and stopping free movement of people. If they don't support government policy on these issues, will the leavers who felt safe with Labour return to the Tories at the next election.