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  1. Norman William Margaret and Michael
  2. If you are in a union try them. If not I think unless you have a load of money to throw at solicitors, you're wasting your time. Gestamp are a horrible company. My daughters boyfriend has just escaped from there after a year and a half. Do you have a trade as such? Some companies will overlook dismissal etc if you have a trade that they are desperate for. If money's tight and there's nothing ideal about, don't forget taxi'ing. It's something you can be doing very quickly in good money to pay all those bills. It's helped a lot of people out of the shit in your situation.
  3. Hold on chaps. Both Labour and Conservatives put in their manifesto that they were leaving the EU and their share of vote increased. The party offering a 2nd referendum (lib dems), saw their share of the vote decrease.
  4. Poor lad. Can't begin to imagine what the parents are going through. RIP
  5. Lowest level for 42 years
  6. The righteous.
  7. The point is whether the split off whilst still MP's BEFORE momentum has the chance to sack them.
  8. 'twas a 3 week, 3 bike fleeting hobby.
  9. Momentum have already started post election to try and pick off the non believers. They will have no other choice than to split off or be deselected. Would love JRM to stand
  10. Tories just have to hold their nerve til the labour centre splits off. Shouldn't be long now.
  11. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/819690/Kodi-TV-add-ons-block-ban-UK-illegal-stream-torrents/amp
  12. Not really, it's not so much the add ons such as exodus that are the problem, but more the people they rely on for the links. Quite a few had their collar felt last month and closed down. Theres plenty of other add ons but they were all feeding off the same supply so are in the same boat. Its pretty grim on Kodi at the minute
  13. Based on one quarter that normally gets revised up later in the year.