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  1. More good Brexit News as ratings agency srandard and poor upgraded the outlook for British banks with regard to Brexit. Elsewhere, JP Morgan said that a free trade agreement covering financial services would prove even better for banks than staying in the EU. Sent from my IPhone using tapatalk (St. Petersburg).
  2. “A record 2.37m EU citizens now working in the UK — 112,000 more than a year ago + up every quarter of 2017 to date”.
  3. Some might work for a little while but the “community” is talking about end of days. Seems one repo has also closed which was the home of URL resolver and a lot of dependcys that most Addons use. https://t.co/EPR7pdk2xy Even Ares seem to have chucked in the towel.
  4. Looks like the party’s over as lots of builds, url resolvers and third party addons have closed tonight
  5. A quick google reveals all I was close with Bruce Almighty, just wrong character
  6. That wouldn’t fill a rabbit. Good choice of newspaper though.
  7. You that video reporter that gets sent on the wacky assignments like Bruce Almighty As it happens my cousin does that. Just landed a job with sky.
  8. A spoonful of peppercorn sauce at most. Anything else is sacrilege.
  9. i thought you were a camera man? If it turns out your Adam Biulton or Faisal Islam you can fuck right off.
  10. Are you Adam Fleming?
  11. Ketchup with steak! WTF
  12. Decterorists season 3 just started. Quality British comedy.
  13. Dont disagree with what he’s said as indicated by my earlier comments that the housing situation could change if any of the governments over the last 40 years had taken the matter seriously.
  14. Thought so