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  1. Zero people skills required. "aye, it's been busy" "I finish at ..... " "aye, nice / crap weather" Is about all you need. Radio at reasonable level for when inane conversation is over and passenger reaches for cell phone.
  2. Drive a taxi, meet new people, work your own hours, be your own boss while you figure stuff out.
  3. Mediator (INFP-T) Recognised quite a lot.
  4. Exactly the same in the school yard where as our lass can name every kid / parent.
  5. I think I'm an extrovert trapped inside an introvert.
  6. fuck knows. Wasnt always this way, guess it's one of these things that started somehow and now when I make eye contact I know my eyes are desperate to head south so the more I try to maintain eye contact my eyes sort of hurt until they get their wish! Its not a sexual thing, it just so happens that's where they end up. Im also very fascinated by phobias and how easily a lot of them can be broken extremely quickly. A very interesting topic though, well done
  7. Never give up.
  8. I have a thing with eye contact which results in me staring at a lot of breasts. I then realise where I'm staring revert to eye contact and back to breasts in a sorry loop. Obviously has its perks but quite embarrassing.
  9. There's not two food banks near you, you posh fucker, it's just Aldi and Lidl have opened up there!
  10. I have and it's pretty common knowledge that under Labour it was considered bad PR for job centre claimants to be referred to the available food banks. The coalition changed this in 2010. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2015/04/was-food-poverty-actually-higher-under-the-last-labour-government/
  11. never mind you trying to guess what he means, he actually said... Speaking to Bloomberg, he said: “We will see what happens, I mean we hope that there is a trade agreement, definitely, between the EU and the UK. “That there’s pragmatism on both sides, otherwise both sides would lose. He's right.
  12. They actually did
  13. No need to worry, the likes of BMW and Audi don't fancy that carry on either.
  14. Well this has perked up my insomnia
  15. Theres bound to be some problems while issues are ironed out, but a UK with a free trade agreement with Europe, our own free trade deals with whoever we want and a sensible immigration policy controlled by the people we elect doesn't seem to outrageous to me. It's what most country's in the world consider normal.