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  1. Try this.
  2. "Spaz" is not a deroguetory term over here in the States. Young US females use it all the time. Probably as often as they use the word "like" at the beginning of a sentence. It is synonymous with "freaked out" or "having a melt down". Its not like they would even know what the word "monger" meant here. But Tiger apologized, so the world is again safe for democracy...
  3. Why do you always have to say such nasty things about me? I might be a shirtlifter, but don't be so vulgar as to call me a Mackem. Besides, your son was the best piece of ass I've had in a long time. He's the only "wife" for me...
  4. Well, here in the States, while your right to free speech is somewhat protected by our Constitution; marching down Castro Street in San Fransisco chanting, "Death to Fags!" (protected free speech) isn't very wise. You are liable to get your hair parted with a metal pipe. If such conduct (the demeaning chants) occurred at one of our stadiums, the loudmouths perps typically end up covered with beer and in angry verbal exchanges with people who came to enjoy the game, not to listen to some drunken assholes smart off about someones sexuality. They are soon escorted out. The ticket to the game allows you to enjoy the game; it doesn't give you licence to say/do whatever you want. My $.02
  5. What? It's not the right wingers you have to worry about with guns. It's the left wingers who run the media who want to piss on the Constitution that guarantees our God-given rights... not the "rights" that the government allows you to have. That's why the right wingers love their guns. So, toonpack. How long til you get banned from this one??? (SKOL VIKINGS!)