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  1. Perez has been wank for the last two seasons. Too lightweight and wanting a lifetime on the ball. Get shut. We need a proven goalscorer but in this market in the Prem you're looking at £30m+. More chance of seeing the mackems in the Prem next season than us spending that
  2. Thank fuck I cancelled sky sports saved me wasting my life watching shite
  3. Ah nice one I'll give that a go
  4. God l'm listening to the Guardian Football podcast. Gelndenning is one BORING bastard.
  5. https://www.strava.com/clubs/Toontastic Come on in Andrew
  6. Fuck me, the wank fest on the wireless about that kid scoring for Liverpool last night. No doubt they will have a 'Special European Night at Anfield' for the next leg of the qualifier.
  7. Best reinforce the advertising boards!
  8. Aye Most of it through bored media outlets. I think it was TalkSport the other day they were drumming on how he is gonna go soon and Carragher said he wouldnt and just said it's a load of balls and he was the same at Liverpool re Transfers
  9. Chill Winston.
  10. Anyone got a link go the Kane challenge?
  11. Only started watching 10mins ago as been busy but from what I've seen we've not looked too bad! Shame about Shelvey gan radge
  12. Transfers

    Have no idea why that's quoted either