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  1. Last weeks Friday night comedy podcast is class
  2. A new one on 5Live called Beyond Reasonable doubt. Along the guise of the other murder podcast. Short 15min episodes. Not bad so far.
  3. Yep. Ve is one of the fucking worse things ever. I assume that's whats happened with this cladding. I have done so many jobs in the past few years that you get it at Stage 2 and you can just look at drawings and say 'Thats going, thats going, that wont happen, that will get moved' because you just know its "too expensive" to do. Even for simple houses!
  4. Very much. We also have a system called BIM in the industry which is now mandatory on all government projects. Contractors and clients have a very poor understanding of this and think it makes everything quicker and easier to do on a whole.
  5. I first started as a junior 19 years ago. The noticeable shift probably started about 8 years ago. I worked at a company where we did QE hospital in Birmingham. It was a c£600m contract (Cant remember the full build cost) and that was probably the last job where the contractor was very good. We needed to put some retaining walls in. QS said it was too expensive and we needed a work around. Contractor in the meeting told the QS to shove it as it would save 2 weeks on programme due to the easier way of constructing it. Yes the cost initially was a lot but 2 weeks on programme dwarfed that. You dont get that any more. Contractors are wanting profit in such a competitive market and they're under so much pressure and as a result they now have more power than us lot. They expect us to have designs done before the architect has done their bit. Its a fucked system. If I could make money elsewhere that I do now, I would leave. But I would have to retrain and therefore drop wage, which I dont want to nor really can afford if I want to continue living my lifestyle I have now.
  6. The industry is a joke. All a QS does is looking at £s and ps on a sheet. There is no thought in how a building goes together, the longevity of a building etc. When I first started we did some great looking buildings and it was superb. Now its fucking shit. Pressure from contractors on a daily basis. You ask for an extra 0.1% of a fee for a change and you get told to get fucked more or less. Architects get all the fee and all the glory and do FUCK ALL nowadays.
  7. 600 possible towers have this cladding 600! The original cost between the cladding on Grenfell and a known safer option was £5k allegedly. £5k. Thats £5k in an £8.2m build. 200 towers in Birmingham are getting sprinkler systems at a cost of £31m. Fuck me.
  8. Why do we get lambasted for our sponsor, but nothing is said about Wolves having them?
  9. Along them lines, Big with Tom Hanks I can still watch that now over and over again. When I was in NYC I looked for the places it was filmed and the Zoltar machine. When we go back in Sept I am going to goto the street where they lived too.
  10. Listening to 5Live and she isnt getting much praise from anyone.
  11. I watched Breakfast Club at youth club when I was about 12. Still one of my fave films now.
  12. Call me daft like, but didnt the delay the Queens speech so the Tories could get a deal with the DUP? They are having the Queens speech today, but a deal isnt done? Or will that be announced?