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  1. That's up there with Lee Hurst's torture analogy.
  2. How often do you have to argue with this fuckwit before you realise you're wasting your time?
  3. In the land of the footless the one sandaled man is king.
  4. That is a perfect explanation of Wolfy tbh
  5. Stockholm syndrome
  6. A lot of men need to get a grip, White middle class men have ruled the world for centuries and have taken their privilege from others. The move to employ more people of colour and women is necessary to undo the centuries of injustice propagated against them. If you're scared someone is going to come along and steal your job then you don't do it well enough. The jobs which will be lost will be those filled by people given their chance because they were a white male over someone who wasn't. If you are scared by strong representations of people not like you in the media (Star Wars for fucks sake they are actually scared of Star Wars). Then you are a weak fuck who needs to grow a spine and I have absolutely no respect for you. The white man is under attack, but he fucking deserves it.
  7. I'm not racist or misogynistic I am just scared that white men are under attack from darkies and wimmin
  8. You do know that Antifa isn't an actual group right, it's just an umbrella name for a group of groups. They aren't like the KKK or the nazi party of America. Also tell me again, where were the groups of armed left wing Militia when all this was happening? Or did the left wing MSM just forget to mention them. Just so you know I think you're a not very closeted racist misogynist cunt.
  9. Thank you.
  10. How do you put someone on ignore now I can't find it.
  11. Transfers

    I blame Mike Ashley's parents for not buying him a proper yoyo as a child.
  12. That's the best bit about them.
  13. @Rayvin is off to see Redneck 28 next week.
  14. Seriously are you taking the piss? What you are saying is that nazis were not more violent than Antifa until this fuckwit killed someone with a car!