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Kevin Carr's Gloves

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  1. It's a constant whine now, their fans actually think they'd be top 6.
  2. Mon the well
  3. It receives money from its members which include the EU you utter shit sucking moron.
  4. Iirc we also were lucky to draw, did they not have a decent penalty shout turned down?
  5. I thought it was well known that Chris Waddle gave short planks a bad name.
  6. I'm with @wykikitoon I reckon it's just another way of getting out of spending anything in January with an added fuck you to the fans.
  7. Mindhunter on Netflix is good.
  8. Elliot's passing is shocking, I don't think he has managed an accurate one yet.
  9. What about the Beastie Boys I know I'm old but for me they are streets ahead of other white rappers.
  10. Did anyone else read that "Oh hello" in a Kenneth Williams voice?
  11. Fuck is Louis CK an abusing wanker too (literally in his case)?
  12. And way better than Kurt Cobain.
  13. WTF is that tattoo on the TG neck