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Kevin Carr's Gloves

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  1. Fingers crossed Moncur follows him.
  2. Transfers

    I'm still a three a day man
  3. So Holyrood may have a say after all.
  4. It's what you take him out with though? He could mean a leg sweep which is fair enough in his context but not in this.
  5. Transfers

    It's a dinosaur, the Placatersaurus. The c is soft.
  6. I want to know what @Park Life thinks the result will be.
  7. Transfers

    It's been 10 minutes since @LooneyToony posted that's it's been almost 24 hours and still no signings.
  8. Transfers

    So you posted something to emphasize your point, but when someone points out the flaws in it you claim it has nothing to do with you. Yep that's the kind of thing we have all come to expect from you.
  9. Transfers

    I was just pointing out the flaw in your reasoning that's all.
  10. Transfers

    And for 4 of those 5 seasons we were utter dogshit.
  11. Transfers

    Aymen to that brother. Or Why Aymen?
  12. I would chuckle if Pickford had an absolute mare next season.
  13. Surely that would be utter suicide. Or have I just whooshed?
  14. Cheers HF