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  1. To be honest mate I really could not give a flying fuck what people think, Just I think if people wanna say some thing it is better to do it with some kind of written reaction than some kind of smiley!! But thanks by the way!
  2. My heart says Barca cos to be honest I dont like asrenal, Well I dont like Arene Wenger but I would love to see Arsenal win just to f*** off spurs!!
  3. what??? Sorry but after a few drinks I really dont think too much when i'm typing!!! i meant that freddie is a bit of a twat and it is just a little harsh him having a dig at shearer regardless of when the man has had to retire. Freddie might have thought it was funny but in my opinion na not funny at all, Sorry if people could not understand my craic like but surely it would have been easier to say so than to put daft little smilies on saying nowt, Cheers for the welcome.
  4. Fingers crossed, I hope so just so my lass will stop going on about spartans not winning the league!!!
  5. The man is a bit of a twat to be honest like, Just a little harsh on a guy that has had his career ended, Regardless if he only had 3 games left its not the point!
  6. Alright people.......... Just wanted to say i have been reading this message board for a while now... Well from the toon-chat days!!!!! Never posted before but just thought I would say hi!!