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  1. Thing is, it seems to be about the number of goals he scored at Bristol which doesn't really say he would flourish in the Premier League. We had Gayle in double figures for us but there seems to be those who don't think he can perform in the Premier League. I'm not trying to be negative, I just have doubts about someone with promise he won't fill.
  2. Just watched the second half of the U 21 England v Slovakia 2 - 1 win. And again not impressed with Abraham, gave bad passes, kept losing the ball in his attempted dribbles, and doesn't play much of a game off the ball.
  3. Just watched second half of Sweden v England under 21's, not impressed by Tammy Abraham's showing.
  4. Should I begin to worry? Huddersfield have got one in, Everton 2, Leicester 1, Man Ure 1, etc etc. We've just got them gannin oot. I don't count Atsu cos he was already here. These newspaper rumours, or wherever they come from, really get up me nose. I thought we'd have someone by now.
  5. Andrew on the reserves to fillerup like
  6. Your glasses might be half full but mine will be half empty until I see some new signings.
  7. Thing is, you can almost bet Ashley will sell at anytime if the price is right for him. Money always talks, and let's face it, there will always be a leery feeling about any possible buyer even if they are rolling in the billions.
  8. I think that with a steady run of games in the starting line-up, service to suit his style, he could well prove to be a decent Premier league striker. Lack of playing time, brought on as a late substitute, is not the way to raise his game. Ant is right, there has to be consistency for him to improve.
  9. Nitro scores for Serbia to give them a draw against Wales. Came close with a back to the goal a bicycle kick. Still has potential, played 90 minutes.
  10. So sad, put in some good shifts for us, RIP Tiote.
  11. You know, I suppose I'm really 'old school', but it bugs me when English born players elect to represent another country, especially when it's obvious they would never make the England squad. Classic example is Vinnie Jones turning out for Wales, I guess with a name like Jones it's close enough. I wonder how many English born lads we have at our club who have claimed decendency status? ( me great-great granny slept wi a Scot afore the waal was built ye knaa). Where were Elliot, Dummett, Ritchie, Clark, our 'foreign' players born? When Jackie Charlton managed Ireland I wonder how many of his squad weren't from Ireland and hadn't even been there before he picked them.
  12. Totally inappropriate to purposely halt a league game to substitute and parade a player off in that manner regardless of who it is.
  13. Next thing is, you'll be hearing I've been asked to clean my boots. And no doubt you'll read about me being asked to assist Rafa, apparently I pick better starting line-ups.
  14. I've already applied.