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  1. I would like to see DeJong given a shot at #10 position, I think he can do it but seems to be neglected by Rafa.
  2. What concerns me is that our starting line-up today consisted of 9 players who were part of last season's Championship side. Only 2 players were new signings for the Premier League season. If Shelvey had not got a red card he would have started which would have meant only 1 new player starting. Perhaps if Yedlin had been fit he may have started and that would have meant we could have started with NO new players starting. Wot the fuck. Exception would have been Lejeune had he not suffered an injury in the first game.
  3. I am still pissed off.
  4. That was fucking painful to watch! As a strike force, Gayle and Perez are lower division caliber who couldn't punch their way out of a wet paper bag. Benitez needs a wake-up call as to who our best players are, when and where to play them. Too many anonymous players today, visible only by their fuck-ups. This has the looks of being another long and frustrating season. Don't blame Ashley, lack of spending, etc etc, blame the under-performing shirt wearers who can't get their act together when it's curtain time. And blame the coaching staff who can't get the best out of the cast they've got to work with. I am one pissed-off dude.
  5. Not looking like a win for us unless the second half can show me wrong. When we have Lazaar and Haidara why is Rafa playing someone out of position at left back?
  6. Literally speaking it depends on how young you are, and who you construe as 'old folks' Nat King Cole had a hit song called "Somewhere Along the Way" 'I used to walk with you, along the Avenue, our hearts were carefree and gay. How could I know I'd lose you, somewhere along the way'.
  7. Comedic or what? Went to the match and had a gay old time (oops) Went to a Olde-Time dance and was asked up for the Gay Gordons (oops) Referred to as a gay blade (oops) She was bright and gay (oops) Had a drink and was feeling gay (oops) Wasn't there a song with the line, "A bachelor gay am I" (oops) Merry and gay (oops) Why in the world did the word GAY come to be used to describe sexual orientation. Surely there was a word that did not conflict, Lesbian doesn't.
  8. C'mon ewerk, have a gay old time is the obvious answer.
  9. I wonder ....................... with the early exits of Dummett & Lejeune, plus the expulsion of Shelvey, I wonder what bench players would have been called upon by Rafa had the game progressed without the injury exits I wonder if Rafa would have given Murphy a chance to get his feet wet in the Premier League.
  10. Here's looking at you Kid. In my advanced age and perhaps the onset of senility, I fault Shelvey's absence for both goals.
  11. I expected DeJong to get some playing time but he wasn't even on the bench; is he hurt again? Manquillo looked decent, in fact in the last 15 minutes he looked very good, got forward and put some good balls in. Atsu looked good throughout the game. Last 15 minutes our 10 men played some good stuff and had their keeper work a bit. First 45 were a bit disappointing I thought, I had hoped we would have looked better than we did.
  12. Aye, but a bit of a stretch from California Looney Toony.
  13. Not really OTF, female dogs are not known to cock their legs to pee at a lamppost
  14. Shelvey should be tied to a lamppost and all the male neighbourhood dogs invited to cock their legs and piss on him.
  15. Team I would start ....... wot d'ye think? Elliot. Manquillo Lejeune Clark Gamez Ritchie Merino Shelvey Aarons DeJong Mitrovic