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  1. The staging of the soft coup against Trump was laid down by Obama. He waited just days before the end of his administration to get the rules change which allows the intelligence community to share much more data before privacy issues are considered. Obama basically let loose the dogs and scarpered. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/12/us/politics/nsa-gets-more-latitude-to-share-intercepted-communications.html?mcubz=1
  2. Transfers

    No doubt Ashley has given assurances but in the real world they probably don't mean shit. Let's see what Benny says in his next couple of interviews. If 2/3 good players come in then we can all relax...
  3. Transfers

    Well you would have thought wrong.
  4. Transfers

    Bet he talks to himself while he shaves. /Pardew
  5. There was that veiled license fee threat wasn't there. BBC does go on critical binges and then gets reigned in.
  6. Transfers

    Ashley has sent for a new fixer so all will be fine.
  7. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-40362594 My mate who works at an influential bank reckons the financial sector will remain in the EU come hell or high water....That the emergency forward planning meetings have had various reassurances from Govt. sources.
  8. Divorce bill first. ''Britain and the EU agreed to focus the first stages of negotiations over Brexit on divorce proceedings from the bloc in a meeting that both sides hailed as constructive after an early concession from London on the sequence of talks. The two sides agreed to prioritise negotiations on Britain’s exit bill and a settlement on rights for EU citizens living in the UK and Britons on the continent, in line with Brussels’ longstanding demands for the structure of the discussions. Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, and David Davis, the UK Brexit minister, stressed after their talks in Brussels that an exit deal was achievable, but both conceded the talks were up against the clock, with Britain set to leave the EU in March 2019.'' https://www.ft.com/content/34b704a0-54d7-11e7-9fed-c19e2700005f?mhq5j=e1
  9. That reminds me the local posh supermarket is now stocking this little beauty. ''Made in Rhyl by the Snowdonia Cheese Company, this is a fiery, red-wax-coated Red Leicester made from pasteurised milk with chillies and crushed pepper. The company also makes a fantastic black-wax-coated mature cheddar called Little Black Bomber, and a creamy cheddar with garlic and herbs called Green Thunder.'' http://www.visitwales.com/~/media/20db93a0820b480c800c6906ab8ba98f.ashx?h=361&la=en&w=642 http://www.visitwales.com/things-to-do/attractions/food-and-drink/welsh-cheese
  10. On the upside at least there won't be a stampede for locally sourced vegan furniture or Alpine milk hand pulled by Wagnerian virgins at dusk on pristine buttercup adorned slopes.
  11. Yup.
  12. 'Optics'
  13. It's probably in the contract that Mayweather doesn't make him look silly and lets the fight go at least mid distance. Quite honestly I expect nothing less than Connor being made to look a clown - flailing away at an ever receding ghost.
  14. Mayweather in 6. In a boxing match the gulf in class is just too huge. Mayweather is the definition of ring management and craft. Once Connor starts breathing heavily it will be all over. I know there is a lot of talk on the internets about the age gap etc...But it literally makes no difference a 50 year old boxer would make fun of a any 30 yr old MMA fighter under boxing rules. Boxing is something else. It takes about 10 years to make a boxer. The knowledge gap is just insurmountable.