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  1. Big move against Italian assets next week. Banks and state owned conglomerates targeted by American hedge funds for shorting. ECB facilities will be tested, Italian access to liquidity in question as Bundesbank will take legal action against Merkel and co for over lending via Eurotarp and other emergency liquidity funds. Italian banks are holding upwards of 400 billion in bad debt. Carney questions the EU's ability to cover and backstop derivatives, euro loans and bonds. London is currently the second largest clearing house for financial instruments in the world. It begins.
  2. Looks like she's just been on the key. /Fish
  3. If everything is transparent then can be done in a week.
  4. You drive their car into the ground while oiling yours on a Sunday.
  5. I have honestly never heard of anyone using a key for the key. I used to wear a golden spoon around me neck.
  6. You open the can with a key obviously!
  7. When she goes up to the suite to negotiate he will be wearing a bathrobe.
  8. Fish the film buff doesn't know what a key is...