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  1. https://www.channel4.com/news/revealed-inside-the-secretive-tory-election-call-centre Cunts, is there any depth they aren't prepared to sink too?
  2. Mcinnes and now this!
  3. So shite they couldn't even tempt Mcinnes
  4. Trying to make herself look "warm" instead of the icy cold bitch she actually is.
  5. The F.A can save time next summer by just sacking Southgate now.
  6. They'll be alright, plenty of food banks around these days.
  7. The election that's going to happen before the end of this is goan be good.
  8. Thank fuck
  9. Hart fuck off and never play for England again.
  10. Get in!
  11. Laughed at that mpre than I should Best Batman ever, R. I. P :'(
  12. Bet that was Ken Clarke
  13. Even bigger than Blair in '97. Wow.
  14. SNP holding a seat by 2 votes