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  1. Saw Tom quote the post earlier today on the Twitter. Great to read and textbook, to the point Gemmil Looking forward to seeing the numbers tomorrow.
  2. As of today? Minus 4 days. https://tpb.pirateparty.org.uk/
  3. What the hell is this? He's deleted his whole account too?
  4. I remember reading something similar about throw ins a long time ago. You can take it whilst standing mostly inside the pitch as long as part of your feet are touching the line. Always wanted to see someone do that.
  5. Tinhead
  6. Quite the build up until last week's episode but it certainly delivered!
  7. Whilst Hendricks has some compelling assets, Olivia Munn is a fantastic overall package. Lovely. Still, a great day for the Internet all round.
  8. They look really weird without the branding. Especially the grandad collar shirt. Guessing it doesn't have the three stripes on the sleeves either. Glad I've still got my old one
  9. Despite the preview pic, that intro made me hope for the same Still fantastic.
  10. Apparently there was a cock up somewhere with Sky's subscriptions, so it went out free.
  11. And the apostrophe is backwards
  12. Haha, class
  13. Agreed there. Used to enjoy a lot of the shows, but you miss a few weeks and then there's so much stuff to catch up on I gave up. The specials they've done with Jon Lovitz are worth listening to. Had no idea about this TV show, will give it a go.
  14. Wummug doilum mug, muggy cuntmug tbh.
  15. Don't know... Wolves will be fighting for their lives. Probably best to go with Perch or Obertan.