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  1. Straw Dogs
  2. Guardiola and Pogba to join Man City in the summer, according to BeIn Sports
  3. Their 52 week high is about 30% greater than their 52 week low, and they are somewhere in the middle of that range at the moment. I wouldn't call the publishing/education industry a safe bet... ITK alert
  4. Don't you mean Lee Dixon, or have I got the wrong game?
  5. With a 12 year old girl?
  6. Adcortyl was excellent for getting rid of them but the cathwords stopped making it.
  7. Interest is simply rebadged as 'profit' or 'mark up' in Islamic finance. I've got a current account, Visa card and car loan with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank here in the UAE. 'Profit' charges are on a par with or lower than the interest I would pay with HSBC here in the UAE or back home, just packaged differently. However, I think it's the practice of Wonga charging mental interest rates that can seen as financially 'unislamic', with regards to the 'balance between moral and material requirement': http://www.adib.ae/understanding-islamic-banking-0 For example, my car belongs to ADIB until I pay the last installment. If I sell it, I have to clear the loan before I can get the registration changed to the new owner. A pain, maybe, but prevents recklessness from the feckless. All in all, it's a lot more responsible and ethical than Wonga.
  8. Anyone got a Tyne? ITV Player is crap as usual
  9. tbh
  10. Moscow, Vancouver, Abu Dhabi