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  1. Should have made the expendables wear red so I wouldn't have had to keep thinking which top boy had been killed. I like the cut of the Night King's jib - "Dragons eh? - fuck you". Don't really get the Sansa/Arya shit - surely in "real life", Bran would have just told her that Littlefinger betrayed Ned.
  2. The only positive thing I can think of is that it might wake people up to how poor we are - very unlikely but there's nowt else.
  3. It can be a bit simplistic to say that "most" of the people who voted for Trump are the neglected white males alluded to here - just like those blaming brexit on neglected northerners/Welsh etc, etc. There were plenty of votes - see those Americans chez mentioned and see how many voters in the SE who voted for brexit - who voted just because they are selfish cunts.
  4. I've always said that sanctions are about assuring mail readers that a jack boot is being applied to the poor's necks.
  5. I've mentioned before that one of the things that makes me proud of my hometown (not many things do really) is my parents telling me of remembering and them being told about when Moseley supporters marched there in the 30s and "decent" people led by the unions got together and kicked the living shit out of them. I've always argued for a two pronged response to fascists - words and violence.
  6. As I said the pace contrast is striking. I usually record it on sky and FF the ads. I'll probably watch the finale live as it's the bank holiday.
  7. I was away last night so sat down to watch it before leaving the hotel this morning on Sky Go only to find you still have to suffer adverts and the app kept crashing. I fucked it off and watched it on Kodi.
  8. I'm conflicted about how this is going. To see six years of intricately plotted slow threads come together in a sudden explosion of serious shit happening in every scene is becoming a bit much. As a complete aside I found myself watching a bit of the Fifth Element last night and it struck me how Gary Oldman's character reminded me of Littlefinger - I hope the latter suffers the same fate but at the hands of Arya.
  9. I ranted and raved at the SO at first as I thought he'd bought Alli holding his face but the replay shut me up. Some positives but we need more quality
  10. I used to use a vpn/proxy I got with giganews but they suspended my account for downloading copyrighted material via BT. This would have been TV and films as they had no problem with the terabytes of porn I downloaded from newsgroups. After a couple of suspensions I dropped the entire account. This suggests they were monitoring the actual use of the proxy which defeats the point. I'm not sure regarding Kodi as I only stream rather than download - not sure if they care.
  11. As Rayvin suggests, the terms have become a bit misused. Businesses use VPNs to use the Internet to be able to login in to an internal network remotely with associated encryption and controls. Proxy servers use the concept of me connecting to a server in Sweden or wherever so I can use the pirate bay without interference. I suppose the term could be used as the login to the remote server is probably via a VPN but it's the subsequent IP masking that's the main aim rather than the login. Clearer Renton?
  12. I use NordVPN for downloading - works well - about £2 pm.
  13. Yeah that was when she gave her "you're all fucking shit" bit and Jon advised her to use the dragons better tactically. Jon and Davos then walked down the steps later meeting Missasndei along the way before meeting Theon.
  14. Just watched it again and I was talking shite - Jon told Theon the Queen was gone - Tyrion must have travelled with the Dothraki.
  15. I think Sansa, though she has had a hard journey, is reverting a little bit to the girl at the start who was a self-centred brat who wants to be the centre of attention. I also think they're answering questions about Bran's creepiness by selling the idea he isn't Bran anymore with the "you died in that cave" line.