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  1. I used to drink with an SAFC fan in Shields who was the same - hated the place and most of the people.
  2. I know and it always makes me laugh. When I started going to away games by train in the early 80s there were Newcastle fans going from all over Durham and even Teesside/north Yorkshire - obviously this was pre 92 when they claim widespread defections took place.
  3. Post codes are funny things and only indicate RM operations. By that logic S Shields and all other NE codes would be Newcastle and even Stevie wouldn't try claiming that.
  4. Cleadon and Whitburn are in ST not Sunderland. The poshest area of Sunderland is Ashbrooke.
  5. We're a top class striker away from being a good team.
  6. I thought the ball might have been out when contact was made which would have made it interesting - too quick in real time admittedly.
  7. Sky cunts devastated we didn't lose.
  8. Ironically the two final capital crimes were expunged as part of EU laws. It's Cameron who should be charged with it imo.
  9. You're planning the genetic mix of the next Parky generation when your daughter's what - 10? Very German of a certain persuasion.
  10. I think a fantasy life in that context for decent people wouldn't involve groping and worse and would definitely involve clear consent.
  11. Stupid thing is with that much money (and power) its pretty normal to be able to attract stunners "legitimately" without being so sordid , Makes it worse imo as it aligns with the view of rape as a crime of power and violence rather than sex - he probably enjoyed humiliating them.
  12. I went back to Game of thrones and I'm half watching through the third one, It's strange that the show is a mix of subtle differences and word for word dialogue usage from the books
  13. Deplorable but I can't help wondering how many big time producers/studio owners have probably done the same over the years. I suppose fear of blacklisting means women have to be famous enough to be able to accuse big players.
  14. It isn't a barbaric shit hole because of the west, it's a barbaric shit hole because of Islam/Sharia. It isn't insignificant for the poor bastard involved.
  15. It always used to bug me when Thatcher was hailed for turning Britain around when other countries who were ran by left wing governments did just as well without as much pain. Of course there's natural progress due to technology mainly but things like housing have been so fucked up in the last forty years it will take a huge turnaround to restore what I'd call a reasonable society. What has happened is that people have been beaten down to expect nothing better and accept that it's ok to pay such a high proportion of their income in mortgage/rent based on the idea they'll be ok later as well as believing shite like the economy being like a household budget and there being no money left (CT). I think now however it's gone on for so long that people have snapped and that's why the cunts are panicking - most of their votes are coming from the selfish old and now the young are actually voting they're fucked. It might all go tits up but I'm glad people have finally got off their knees and are saying "no more".