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  1. Yep - propagating this idea that anyone with money works hard and anyone without is a lazy skiver. Just like when Cameron accused people on benefits for their presumption of entitlement with no thought for that of him and his ilk.
  2. You could pay MPs 500k a year and a hell of a lot of them would still seek more income. They'd also get around any demand to sell rental properties by shifting them to relatives etc.
  3. I thought of the second series of auf wiedershen pet where Ally Fraser has 3 options for the old folks home and wanted the worst - hate to say it but the shift towards profit before anything else is the root cause. Thanks once again to Thatcher.
  4. I saw a comment that the policy the tories made law pretty much because of the mail whinging about the SNP where only English MPs can vote on English laws means they won't be able to pass any such laws now. A bit of karma at least.
  5. Says leader now gone.
  6. That's why I was contemptuous of this "progressive alliance" stuff - I would never trust the lib dems to not side with the tories again.
  7. I feel a little sorry for him for at least being honest about his faith - of course being that way inclined leads to scrutiny. May has played the vicar's daughter/faith angle as well and has a similarly iffy voting records on gay rights but nobody asks her the same question. Of course the big question they always avoid asking capitalist Christians is the rich man/eye of the needle/you're fucked one.
  8. I think we all agree on here that it's a cluster fuck but the problem is the cost of saying to so many people, however correctly, that they were wrong to vote for it. I think it will be hard for anyone to get any kind of deal that won't cost them in some way - that's why I'm happy for now for the tories to own it.
  9. Rudd needs a new seat before she can be leader.
  10. They'll remember to seed their manifesto with bribes - thing is they can't really increase their share of the old vote.
  11. Survation has Labour at 45% now. I feel a bit like the Democrats with Trump - might suit labour to give them a little while to dig their hole and reap a bigger benefit. Not sure if they'd be helped or hindered by Johnson being leader - I can see some people liking him but he snaps under pressure which will be illustrated nicely if he's centre stage of a GE campaign.
  12. I loved the Batman series. RIP
  13. Has the cunt lied to the Queen? To the tower it is.
  14. In her mind it only has to last till the boundary changes. Thing is it's going to be so shit I don't think that will guarantee a win.
  15. Sell the chance to actually win which was never on the cards this time.