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Found 6 results

  1. We don't like cricket, oh no, it's wa a ank. I've never liked cricket always found it boring as fuck, I've actually been to an England Test Match and was that bored I fucked off to the bar to watch Scotland. I just find it dull, but some people are brought up with it and love it, I respect that. Smoggeordie is a massive fan, and that's fine, you like what you like, but these bandwagon jumpers who pretend to love it when we win the ashes oh dear, especially when half the cunts don't even know the rules. People who like because their friends/partners do are even worse. It's too slow man, and I know there is some skill somewhere in there, it's just pish. People have the same thoughts about darts but I fuckin love darts, could watch it all night, so I know it's about preference. What's your thoughts?
  2. About time it had its own thread. Any how, ITV4 tonight 8:30pm Carl Froch Vs Jermain Taylor Cracking fight treat yourselves. How this fight didn't get a UK station to pick it up live is quite disgusting, we get subjected to Amir Khan fighting nobodies but when an English World champion taking on the former undisputed Middleweight champion in the USA, it doesn't get a live showing.
  3. Saw the one of these knackers get knocked of his bike this morning. Wouldn't care but it's the 4th time I've seen it happen this year. You've got to be a lunatic to ride a bike in London.
  4. I've got nowt to do tonight and just noticed the Falcons are playing a European game against Toulouse. Should be fun watching Wilkinson's return to Newcastle in a hurricane
  5. I always seem to have this argument with me mate's and i seem to stand on me owen, the question is when was Ali at the peak of his powers? I always state the fighter who beat Liston in 1964 was Ali at his peak, when he had his speed, agility and his power all at the same time and was a phenomenom, whereas me mate's seem to believe it was the more experienced Ali of latter years against Foreman and Frazier in the Rumble and Thriller, just anyone's thoughts?
  6. Anyone else tuning in? I should know better after the snorefest it's become in the last few years, but I'll be watching anyway. Tony McCoy's the hot favourite with the bookies despite having no personality, but then that didn't stop Giggs last year. You could almost call it a lifetime achievement award if they weren't giving that to Beckham this year.