Ashley Trying to Suppress the News….Again!

Last week I mentioned the Sunday Sun article that informed us that Ashley and Llambias had taken a trip to Las Vegas. This was during the transfer window in which we’d been promised they’d be working to support Hughton and ensuring no players leave, even bringing in whoever the manager feels he needs.

The point of this post isn’t to complain about inaction during the window, that can wait until February. But just an update on the work they’ve been doing so far this window – three first team players that were available for selection in December are no longer options for Hughton after loan deals for Danny Simpson, Marlon Harewood and Zurab Khizanishvili came to an end. Despite much paper talk of interest we have signed nobody and have only 5 defenders that have played a game this year (including Tamas Kadar) available for selection on Saturday.

Back to the point, which is to highlight the news from the club today that they have banned The Sunday Sun from the stadium…

Following an article that appeared as a back page lead in the Sunday Sun on 10 January 2010, healined ‘Desert-ers Leave Toon’, Newcastle United, having taken exception to the accuracy, tone, inference and content of the article, contacted the Sunday Sun to seek a full page retraction of the said article in the following Sunday’s paper (17 January).

The retraction was not forthcoming in the manner requested and as such the Club have banned the Sunday Sun, indefinitley, from St. James’ Park and the Training

There are many thoughts that come to mind when reading this ridiculous statement:

  1. If the article was inaccurrate why don’t they sue?
  2. Talking about suing, whatever happened to Ashley suing the Sun, as he promised he would, following the story last season about him partying into the early hours when Keegan was sacked?
  3. So the stadium is still called St James’ Park is it? Champion. I can’t see anyone being enticed to buy the naming rights if even official statements don’t refer to the commercial name though.
  4. Newcastle United have NOT taken exception. Newcastle United is it’s fans. Managers, players, chairmen and owners come and go but it’s the same families that have been supporting the club and will keep supporting the club whoever holds those positions. I’ve not taken exception to anything about the article. I’ve not heard from any other supporter that took exception. What the statement should say is that Mike Ashley has taken exception. And not that the club have banned the Sunday Sun, but Mike Ashley has banned the Sunday Sun.
  5. Are Dave Kidd and Alan Oliver still banned from the stadium as reported last year? There’ll be more reporters banned than welcome at St James’ soon.
  6. If the Sunday Sun is banned does that mean I’m not allowed to take my Sunday paper of choice to the match any more?
  7. I’ve taken exception to the accuracy, tone, inference and content of almost every statement that has come out of the club since Derek Llambias got involved. Can I expect to see a full page retraction of those on the official website or in the program?

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