Vegas And Bust

Over a week ago Chris Hughton expressed his confidence in being fully supported in the transfer market by his paymasters.

“I’m Confident I’ll be given the backing I need from the board. I’ve been told from above that I’ll get the support I need or want.”

I wondered at the time if Hughton has been paying attention to how his bosses work. Keegan, Kinnear and Shearer were all made similar promises that came to nothing, but Chris seemed sure that the owner had learned his lesson.

I dared to wonder if it might possibly be a different story this window too, with media tales of early bids going in for the cream of league one talent (whoopy fuckin do!), until I read yesterday how Derek Llambias has decided now would be a good time to nip off to Las Vegas with Big Mike.

I’m sorry I don’t follow the US league too closely, but I’m pretty sure Vegas isn’t a hotbed of young football talent. Whether the trip is business or pleasure it once again shows that the managing director and owner of our club do not see us as their priority and continue only to say what they want us (and the manager) to hear, but fail miserably every time it comes to taking action to make good on those promises.

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