***Official Mike Ashley Euro express thread***

Back in the summer of 2007 Mike Ashley came with 5 year plan, that plan was to turn this club around and take us back into Europe on the field while turning our huge loss making into a self sustaining football club off the field.


With this being his 5th season his plan looks like coming to fruition, the club have predicted that we will break even next year without player trading and we can all see the drive to get this club back where it belongs and that is playing European football, unfortunately it had to get worse before it could get better as the scale of the turnaround operation was so vast however we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


We have a hungry manager as well as a fantastic scouting network for him to work with, in fact a quick look at the squad from 2006/07 shows how much better we’re now compared to when he took charge, I’d say only Milner and possibly Given from that current set up would get into our starting 11 now which shows the strength of the building job that has gone on here and with the clubs finances finally falling into place in time for the financial fair play rules the future can only be bright.


So all aboard Mike Ashley’s European express!!!


English European Competition Qualification 2011/12



1st Champions League Group Stage (currently Manchester City)

2nd Champions League Group Stage (currently Manchester United)

3rd Champions League Group Stage (currently Tottenham)

4th Champions League Third (Final) Qualifying Round (currently Arsenal)


5th Europa League Third (Final) Qualifying Round (currently Chelsea)


League Cup Winners – Europa League Qualifying – Liverpool


FA Cup Winners – Europa League Qualifying. If winners achieve Qualification via League Position the runners-up will take their place in Europa League. If both have achieved qualification via League Position the slot goes to the highest placed team not qualified by other means.


How can NUFC get in to Europe?


Champions League:

NUFC Finish in the top 4. Unlikely.


Europa League:

NUFC Finish 5th

NUFC win FA Cup

NUFC reach FA Cup Final but lose to Champions League Qualified Team

NUFC Finish 6th with Liverpool winning the League Cup and finishing 5th

NUFC Finish 6th with two teams contesting the FA Cup Final who have already qualified for Europe (CL place or Europa Lge via League or League Cup)


NUFC Finish 7th with two teams contesting the FA Cup Final who have already qualified for Europe (CL place or Europa Lge via League) AND Liverpoolwin the League Cup whilst finishing in a position that would afford them European Qualification.

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