Mike Ashley — Football Cunt

So this is going to be the week when Mike Ashley can rightly say he is getting the hang of this football lark.


European ties against the likes of Benfica in April

A transfer / wage system that works

A squad that just keeps getting better

Great season ticket deals for fans

And a profit making football club


And all this before the the big bucks TV money rolls in.


Of course it hasn’t been delivered without pain, but few revolutions are smooth.


We will rightly hear all sorts of praise for dynamic duo this week and once again our club will be heralded as the blue print for most clubs to follow.


So where now? What about the next few years? How can we as a club take advantage of this solid foundation and become a regular top four challenger?


Personally I think we’ll have a few rough years ahead before he finally fully understands what’s needed and appoints someone like Benitez.

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