Lies Undermine The Fans Forum

Does anybody that goes to the fans forum ever ask “What’s the point of this if you’re just lying to us?”  Does that bit get redacted from the notes issued at
I appreciate the effort and patience of fellow supporters that give their time to try and get some positive interaction with the club built up.  Unfortunately it seems the club have no such good intentions towards any of these meetings and will continue to use them only as a platform to spread more lies, contradictions and mistruths.
In September the club reps told the forum “The club spent a net £30m in January”.  Now the accounts have come out to cover not only that window, but the previous summer when we bought Vurnon Anita, Gael Bigirimana, Curtis Good and Roman Amalfitano, it turns out the total was £28.7m, take off £7m and change for the summer signings and you’re left with two thirds of the amount claimed.  Even at the time we all thought it was nonsense, but now it’s confirmed.
Similarly it was stated at the start of the season that the advertising boards were installed with Sports Direct branding as a showcase for unused space.  We all scoffed at the claim, now the same people that made the claim are scoffing at it themselves. The latest minutes include an admission that the only way advertising would be sold to other companies in place of Sports Direct would be if they were willing to pay £129m. That would be the entire amount Mike Ashley has loaned into the club, not just the smaller amount he could claim he saves the club each year by forgoing interest on the loan.
The earlier forum saw confirmation that Mike Ashley had recovered some of his loan.  They could hardly deny it, given that the books specified £11m had been withdrawn to reduce the loan from £140m to £129m.  So why did the club feel it would go unnoticed that they’re now saying “the rumour of the owner taking cash out of the club is simply not true”.  It’s not a rumour, it’s a fact they have confirmed previously.  He has not withdrawn money from the club in the latest set of accounts, that’s not to say he won’t next year, like he has previously.
Finally from the September minutes “The Board said JK now has a page in the match day programme which he will use to put across his views and feelings.”  Another fallacy we knew was untrue the moment we read the first set of notes that came out.  Clearly the articles were beyond his capacity, detailing financial outlooks rather than which players he was looking at. We all know the vast majority of programme notes in the game are ghost written, but there was no reason whatsoever to attribute a word of it to Kinnear, when it was all pure Ashley.
I’m used to the lies from Ashley, Llambias, Wise, Pardew or Kinnear and those other cronies, people that are in the media spotlight whose comments would attract a lot of scrutiny, so they either struggle to be frank or actively pursue an agenda.
I had hoped the fans forum would be a more low key effort at working together to bring some clarity.  Unfortunately the club representatives that attend are proving to be as deceitful as you’d expect from Ashley himself.

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