Season Tickets – As Popular As A Ginger Mackem Son In Law

On May 14 2014 the minutes of the most recent fans forum were released.

One of the questions asked by Steve Cole (supporters branch rep) received an answer that raised a few eyebrows among season ticket holders who have jacked it in or anyone that knows someone who has.

SC: “How many season ticket holders have not renewed for next season?”The board stated that approximately six per cent of season ticket holders had not renewed to date; similar levels to previous seasons.

The lowest home gate in the league last year was for Fulham.


If every one of those was a season ticket holder then a 6% attrition rate would have meant that in early May, the club were waiting on just 2,784 people to renew.  Obviously, there are far fewer season ticket holders, so 6% would likely place it far below 2,000 people that had failed to renew, over 4 weeks ago.

Yet, this week the club have extended the cut-off date for season ticket renewals, citing a reason that would seem to contradict the previous claim.

The renewal deadline for season tickets has been extended to 14th June 2014.The initial renewal deadline was 31st May, however the Club has taken the decision to extend this by a further two weeks as forms are still being received.

Why?  For such a small and iunremarkable number of people?  I’m sure forms continue to be received right up until the deadline of any season,and beyond.  It’s never been publicised that people should continue to send renewals in though.

Once again, the club have confirmed what we all knew.  They were talking utter horseshit.  Season ticket renewals have seen their biggest drop off since relegation thanks to the combined efforts of Ashley and Pardew.

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