NUFC Ticket Watch 14/15

Newcastle United choose not to publish ticket prices ahead of sale, or leave the prices on their site, in the public domain, after the games.  This lack of transparency makes it difficult for fans to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a season ticket or not.  The policy seems to be one that is made up as they go along.

I intend to keep an eye on ticket prices all season in 2014/2015 to see who is getting the best deal from the club.  Fans that pledge their loyalty with the purchase of a season ticket, or those that prefer not to commit to every game in advance and buy single tickets, taking the chance of missing out on the derby, and other big games, either as a member or a non-member.

Comparisons are based on the 14/15 standard price of a season ticket, either on a 1 year deal or a 7 year deal. Anybody who has already entered into a fixed deal in previous seasons will be paying less and can easily check the savings they make (or not) by remaining on the scheme rather than buying individual tickets.

I’ll keep this post updated as and when tickets are made available.


5 game Deal
Prior to the Hull game, the club also announced a 5 game package that incorporated Hull City, Leicester City, Liverpool, QPR and Chelsea.

Packages located in the Family Enclosure were priced at £105 for adults (£21 per game), £25 for children (£5 per game) and £78  for senior citizens (£15.60 per game).

Leazes Upper Tier tickets were priced from £152 for adults (£30.40 per game), £77 for children (15.40 per game) and £124 for senior citizens (£24.80 per game).

Supporters aged 18-21 could also secure a five game package in any category 3 location for £89 (£17.80 per game).

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