The Price Of Football

The BBC recently published ‘research’ that suggested Newcastle united have the cheapest  Matchday tickets in the Premier League.  They claimed that £15 would get an adult a seat at St James Park for some games.

Newcastle United charge just £15, though this is for only a limited number of matches at St James’ Park.Hull, Leicester and West Ham all charge £20 or less for their cheapest adult ticket bought on a match day.

I’m not sure how they sourced this information, but it now seems to be something the club admit isn’t possible in 2014/2015. At yesterdays game I noticed these posters around the ground.

With membership charged at £35 a season, even if a member went to every home game, it would add £1.84 to each of 19 tickets. Suggesting a 16p saving for those paying £15 (£16.84) rather than £17.

However, these prices are simply not available anywhere in the ground. The following screenshots are from the club website and show the full price and concession prices for every game at St James park so far this season.

Clearly the cheapest adult ticket offered has been £27. But that’s not what you’ll actually pay, all tickets are subject to a £1 booking fee. So that means the cheapest ticket at Newcastle for a non-member adult is actually £28. Almost twice the £15 the BBC claimed.

Where does this place Newcastle in the table of cheap tickets?

Not quite as advertised.

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