It struck me today that I know next to nothing about the person who is arguably having the biggest detrimental effect on the club’s fortunes over the period that has seen us get into this mess, most notably the second half of this season.


It’s this guy whose job it is to find a new manager in the very rare instance that your existing one chooses to walk away, and it’s this guy whose job it is to negotiate contracts, both existing and potential, in the transfer windows. Christ, it’s even this guy’s job to actually identify which players are surplus to requirements, when you’re being directed by your superiors to sell any saleable assets.


Ashley is a known quantity, we know what he’s all about. Carver is just a turnip in a tracksuit. But this Charnley fucker, who he? Who is this man who is causing me so much pain and misery? (well, who would be if I cared any longer). In theory, it’s this guy who should be able to come up with a decent plan to work around the miserly restrictions imposed on him by his boss, and come out of it with a club which does better than the basket cases and prayer-less minnows we now find ourselves amongst, fighting for survival.


He’s got no Wikipedia page, he gets no mention at all on the club’s Wikipedia page, which is kind of strange if you were perhaps naively assuming that a top Premier League club would have a managing director with some background of notable achievement in the world of business or football, or even the football business. I’m honestly scared to Google the guy in case I confirm my suspicions based on his record, that he’s got absolutely no right to be anywhere near this job at all…..

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