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A few weeks ago I got a direct message on twitter asking if the creators of a new website could re-use some of the stats I had shared on my own twitter account and blog.
It seems these industrious folk were gathering input from a wide array of sources to assist them in building a website to centralise their campaign, with a limited aim of ousting Alan Pardew from Newcastle United.
I readily agreed, confident as I am that there are few managers as incompetent or as loathsome as Alan Pardew and anything that would increase the pressure on him would be a good thing, no matter how effective it was.
Every now and then I’d be asked to clarify a fact, or bring some figures up to date, but I was in no way prepared for the scope and polish that would be involved in the final product that arrived this week. is a devastating sequence of headshots and body blows to Pardew and anyone who would even consider defending him for a moment.
There are articles that debunk his excuses in detail, a retrospective of the results we’d all rather forget, with the sorry details and the pathetic post match interviews Pardew gave at the time fully referenced.  There are facts and stats far beyond the limited number I supplied and there are seemingly endless Pardisms, he wraps himself in a web of lies, excuses, contradictions and propaganda for Mike Ashley that defies belief in its exhaustive level of research.  It’s also damned funny reading lists of excuses like “science” and “long grass”.
It doesn’t stop there though. There are campaigns referenced, both past and future, and there’s a reasonable kitty already built up from anonymous backers for future efforts.
Far from the standard blogger template others potter about with in their back room (I include myself there), this has clearly been a well-supported endeavor and they’ve cast their net much farther than little old me to produce it. As well as the site, they’re maintaining @SackPardew on Twitter (which shot up to over 2200 followers in just 2 days). Their Facebook account has seen similar growth and is regularly updated too.
The response has been immediate, with discussions not only in the local press from The Chronicle to BBC Newcastle’s Total Sport phone in, but also coverage in the national press such as The Guardian.
More quickly came the naysaying though.  Which is what prompted me to write this defense.  I cannot comprehend some of the limited thinking that has gone into some of the criticism.
Primarily there has been a fervour about who exactly is responsible.  While I would also be interested to know, out of curiosity, I understand that answering this question leads you by the nose into the next criticism I’ve seen, that whoever is doing it is just after publicity, they’re attention seekers and not real fans.
Well which is it?  They can’t be both out front and centre bigging up the site and themselves while also remaining anonymous and keeping the focus on Pardew. Those asking “who?” would only have the undertaking categorised into pre-conceived notions based upon personality.  That’s exactly what to avoid for anyone involved, looking to unite the fans.  Allow it to be judged on its own merits, not the people involved.
The other stick I’ve seen used to bash this venture, and any opposition to Pardew really, is it’s pointless to get at Pardew while Ashley is at the club.  The answer to that is simple.
Look at the website.  Pardew’s record is indefensible compared to any manager in England and any manager who has managed Newcastle, even under Ashley.  There will be little argument from the majority that Ashley’s departure should be hastened as soon as possible, but the fans do not have £300m to facilitate that.  The fans only have a voice and each other.  While Ashley’s unpopularity is already well documented, we see little criticism of Pardew on Sky or the BBC, even the local papers and Radio temper the anger somewhat with talk of his hands being tied. Why does he give Ashley so much credit then?
But who would we get instead comes the cry?  Well that’s not the fans’ choice or problem is it?  That’s down to Mike Ashley.  Giving consideration to Pulis and his ilk is to accept and support Ashley’s lower standards for Newcastle.  Talk of Moyes being beyond the club or refusing to work under him similarly so.  Whoever comes in would get the patience of fans that Pardew enjoyed for several years, but we as fans have a job to tell any owner when things are not good enough, and keep telling him until something changes.
At the end of last season a coalition of fans organised walkouts for the visit of Cardiff, which made the unhappiness of fans plain to see for millions viewing around the world.  Pardew could not leave the dugout without being booed back to his seat.
The consensus at that time was that if Pardew survived he would need to come out of the traps at a pace this season.  He hasn’t and he deserves to be under as much pressure now as he was then. He’s not, yet. seems to be the only place looking to up the ante.  They deserve our full throated support.

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