Working Hard Behind The Scenes In Every Transfer Window

In this transfer window we are being linked with a multitude of players and being told all about the ambition at the club.  Mike Ashley’s interview promised he’d continue(?) to invest, that he’d bolt a horse onto the cart and that the club’s “sound financial footing” left it “able to spend relatively and punch above our weight”.

Today, Steve McClaren has given an interview to the club website where he sounds a lot like Alan Pardew did previously, whether by design or inexperience of working for this owner

“I’ve been sat down with Graham (Carr), Lee (Charnley) and Bob (Moncur), going through what the plans are, what the Club has been doing, the current squad, targets and assessing things. 

“We have to build some momentum and then keep that going, and that is what we are trying to do. Behind the scenes we are working very, very hard to make sure we are ready for the new season.”

Unfortunately, We’ve heard all this before.  Remember in December when the club website told us

“Alan Pardew is working hard to bring new faces to Tyneside over the coming weeks”

This was quickly shown to be a total fabrication when, towards the end of the following January window, Lee Charnley admitted

“In all honesty, the January window is not one we ever envisaged being particularly active in.”

This confirmed what we’ve all learned over the past 8 years.  Under Mike Ashley Newcastle United will consistently lie about their intentions. The owner, Chief Exec, Manager and media partners will mislead fans as a matter club policy.

To repeat, they “Never envisaged” bringing anyone in.  Why did the club website tout the hard work being done to bring new faces to the club then?  Obviously for the same reason a similar yarn is being spun right now.

Evidence like this exposes (yet again) the will of the club to brazenly mislead fans about the level of ambition they have, and makes an absolute mockery of subsequent claims from Charnley that fans

“will agree that the Club has been open and transparent during all interactions”

In truth we’d struggle to find a less open and transparent organisation.

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