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Making money out of matched betting online

Football fans will be familiar with betting promotions as a large proportion use high street bookies or their online equivalent to back match predictions on the way to the game. As awareness of the technique grows, an increasing number of shrewd punters are using betting offers and making money out of matched betting online.

Matched betting is a method of turning bookmaker free bets and bonuses into risk free cash. Since most free bets can be placed on any sports, you can even use Newcastle’s fixtures to make money.

There are more than 50 online bookmakers in the UK offering welcome bonuses to customers who open a new account. Typically, the new customer places a real money bet and qualifies for a free bet which can be anything from £10 up to £200. Matched betting allows customers to qualify for the free bet for no or very little cost, before converting it into cash for a guaranteed profit from the offer.  On average, matched bettors will make £20 on a £25 free bet offer.

Tens of thousands of people are making a regular tax-free income from matched betting online. The sign up offers are worth around £1000 which can be earned in a matter of weeks while ongoing monthly profits of £500 and upwards can be made doing existing customer offers for a few hours each week.

The way it works is to place a bet to win with a bookmaker and back it to lose at similar odds on a betting exchange. The opposing bets cancel each other out and, accounting for a small commission charge from the exchange, free bets and bonuses can be earned for pennies. By applying a mathematical equation to calculate the exchange stake, the free bets can be placed to guarantee an equal profit no matter if the selection wins or loses.

The key to making matched betting pay is finding suitable bets where the odds with the bookmaker and exchanges are equal, or at least very close. This is done with odds matching software that compares the odds on thousands of betting markets and presents the user with a list of the most suitable bets to make.  The art of matched betting is simplified further with special calculators that work out the ideal stakes to place on the betting exchange so the profitable outcome is the same regardless of the result.

Nowadays, online guides and tutorials explain every step of the process and matched betting is no longer confined to gambling experts and maths wizards as it was in the early days. Complete novices are using matched betting to boost their income and subscription websites are helping students, stay at home parents, the retired and anyone looking for extra income to make money in their spare time.

Matched betting is something that can be picked up and left whenever it suits. It’s a great way to make money for special occasions and treats. Football fans can use the proceeds from matched betting to pay for season tickets, away days and those once in a lifetime cup final experiences that we supporters dream of.

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