Pérez is confident that NUFC will beat the Saints this sunday

The Spanish forward Ayoze Pérez feels confident that they can stop their bad streak of away games of Newcastle, by facing Southampton this Sunday. This excellent player, that joined the club in 2014, had a very “positive” international break, which helped him clear many aspects of his life.

The Newcastle United lost all the matches against the “Saints” since they returned to the Premier League in 2012. It seems like an inescapable curse, since the NUFC lost four matches playing away against Southampton.

Fortunatelly, the 24-year-old forward went home to his native Tenerife, where he participated in a few events to inspire future footballers. Apparently, these soccer camps and improvised matches at the Tenerife´s Stadium called Heliodoro Rodríguez López, gave Pérez the necessary punch to gain confidence to beat the “Saints” in an away match.

“It feels strange – I haven’t won in that stadium. But this can be a good game to break that and get the three points,” said Pérez, and added that “It’s been a great month before the international break. It helps, this kind of break sometimes, to rest and to come back as fit as possible. As soon as you’re back in Newcastle you start thinking about your job and the work you have to do, and trying to get ready for the challenge”.

Of course he has to prove that, because the Magpies had only beaten Southampton once at St Mary´s in the Premier League. And of course, the “Saints” fans are famous for making their rivals feel the “away pressure” in every match.

The new boost in confidence that Pérez feels comes directly from Rafa Benitez, since he trusted him with the position and has started all seven of United´s Premier League games this term, and most likely won´t be a sub unless he gets injured.

“I’m really happy to be able to have been involved with the team so much. The gaffer has given me a lot of confidence and that’s been really important for me,” the forward added, and said that: “Sometimes to be able to see the family, spend some time at your natural home, it makes you feel better and able to come back happy and ready for whatever is coming up.”

He continued saying that: “Apart from the two defeats at the beginning, it’s been a great start to the season. We have won a couple of games, which is important, and we are in a good position in the table.

So it´s time to place your bets since most betting sites pays a lot for a NUFC victory, due to their history versus Southampton. Of course you can also take the statistics of the Magpies V.S. the Saints and place a bet online, you can always check EuroMillions numbers here.

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