Early Football memories

Living down in Lancashire in the 60’s i remember being taken by my dad & my uncle to most of Evertons home games in the 69/70 season i was 9  it was the year Everton won the 1st Division trophy they had a great team that included  Gordon West, Howard Kendall, Brian Le  Bone, Clin Harvey, Joe Royle & Alan Ball. All that season we managed to get 3 seats together but on the night they were awaded the trophy the ground was jam packed & i had to go in the “kids pen” baically a big cage so you didnt get crushed in the corner of the Gladys Street end while my dad & uncle tried to get in were they could. My first Newcastle United memory was the 1975 derby game against Middlesborough i was 15/16 we won 1-0 Supermac scored the winner. St James Park was a bit of a mythical place  to me as i’d only ever seen pictures in football books. I was living in Felling at the time & my new school friends asked if i fancied going to the match with them they got me a ticket  saturday came we got the train from Felling to Central Station the first thing that hit me when we walked out the Central Station was the smell of the brewery we walked up some side streets & went to a chippy for fishcake & chips then we walked up to the ground i was a little underwhelmed as we walked from the Gallowgate to the Leazes End as from what i could see SJP was a big grey corrugated shed we got searched on the way in but once we were inside it was magical. We made our way to the far left hand corner of the Leazes End i stood there with a big grin on my face it may not have looked anything from the outside but it was fantastic inside as i say we won the game 1-0 on the way back to the train we got a hot dog & that was it i was hooked i used to go to all the home games with a similar routine if we didnt have time for the chippy it was a bovril & pie from the little kiosk in the Leazes End but you had to be quick the pies sold out very quickly. Anyways there’s a couple of my memories lets hear yours 

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