Stefano Sturaro Transfer to Newcastle United: Weighing the Possibilities

It’s evident that Newcastle United is far from dominating the English Premier League. Being on the 11th spot in the league rankings, it isn’t that hard to comprehend that they’ll soon be out in the competition.

So does this mean that it’s the end of the road for them? Well, we think otherwise as elite Juventus midfielder, Stefano Sturaro is reported to transfer to St. James’ Park.

The Italian footballer has been playing for Juventus since 2014. But his time there was short of success as he still struggled to hold a permanent place in the team’s offensive lineup. Newcastle was interested to get Sturaro last summer. But this proved fruitless due to the hefty £18 million price tag.

And to show that he’s an underestimated asset, he only played a meek 21 games for Juventus’ campaign at the Serie A. Add the injuries he had and he surely had a miserable time with Zebre.

But now that the transfer window is just a few months away, rumors about his entry to the Premier League is brewing.

Because of the increasing hype about the issue, Sturaro’s agent, Stefano Volpi, says in a statement that it’s still very early to confirm any of the rumors. But the thing is that Volpi also mentioned that Everton and Newcastle United are the Premier League teams interested in getting Sturaro. Even though everything’s still premature, there is still that certain amount of hope that the transfer will happen.

What does it bring us? If ever he makes it to Newcastle, there’s no doubt that the team’s chances of being a title contender will increase. As of now, the Magpies are nowhere near championship-caliber as they’ve got 500/1 odds, together with Leicester City.

As bad as it sounds, things are on the right track as it’s expected that they’ll do better and in the process overtake Arsenal’s 60/1 odds. Or if their performance goes beyond expectation then they might even go past beyond Liverpool’s 50/1 odds.

The ones on top are currently the two Manchester clubs, Man City and Man United. The City is dominating the league with a seemingly sure win for championship thanks to their 1/8 odds. But the game of football can go unexpectedly, and that’s what Newcastle United is holding on.

If they manage to get Sturaro and make efficient use of his defensive capabilities, then let’s hope that they’ll be on par with Chelsea and Tottenham who have 18/1 and 20/1 odds respectively. If they make it to that level, then going head-to-head with the Manchester clubs would be easier for them.

When this happens, it would totally make sense for you to get a free bet no deposit for the next Newcastle game. Why? It’s because of Sturaro’s prowess in aerial duels and ball handling.

He’s also pretty good when it comes to contributing to the team’s defensive end, and that’s just what the Magpies need now. In other words, Sturaro is the only one who can save Newcastle United from their downfall. Or is he not?

Whichever the case is, we first need to be on the lookout if ever the transfer does happen. Based on the sources we have now, it’s most likely that it will.

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