Lie – NUFC Training facilities fit for purpose

Can Eddie Rutherford and Mike Ashley get together and agree whether or not the training facilities need investment or not?

Mike Ashley - 3rd August 2018

Our training facilities have improved significantly during my tenure. They are fit for purpose and very clearly do not have a negative impact on performance, given we secured a place within the top 10 of the Premier League last season.

Eddie Rutherford, NUFC facilities manager - 12th September 2018
Yes, we know we need a [training] building long-term, we know that
It’s common knowledge we have plans for the training ground
We have one pitch outside we want to upgrade – there are plans. 
within the training ground there are lots of things which have been done over the last few years and lots of things we want to do and the same at the academy. 
If I say I want all this money to do everything I want to do in one go, I’m not going to get it so you need to be sensible. These are things we need to do.

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