Who Is the Football Player with the Most Number of Goals Throughout History?

Over the years, professional football players have been setting amazing records and many of the world’s most well known players are the highest scoring of all time. As for living legends, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been listed on the top 10 list for the most career goals, but there are some other players that have even more goals. The list for those that have the most goals in their career spans from players from the early 1900s to the current day and there are some impressive scoring players that have taken the field over the years.

Guinness World Record Holder

When it comes to the player who has scored the most football goals of all time, Edson Arantes do Nascimento holds the record. Better known as Pele, this star player scored 1,281 goals throughout his career between 1956 and 1977. Over the course of 1,363 matches, Pele managed to score this incredible amount and the majority of his goals came when he played for Santos FC in Brazil. His record also includes great matches that were played with a Brazilian national team as well as the BY Cosmos, a top rated team in the North American Soccer League.

At a rate of 0.92 goals per game. Pele remains the leading football scorer of all time. However, there are some current football stars that are also putting up some impressive numbers. Even though Pele holds the record in the Guinness Book, one player scored more goals than Pele. Another Brazilian player by the name of Arthur Friedenreich played for 26 years professionally and scored 1,329 goals in his career.

Highest Scorers Per Match

While Friedenreich may be the player that has scored the most football goals for a career, there are players have better percentages. Josef Bican is one of these players as he has scored 805 goals in just 530 matches, providing him with a goal scoring rate of 1.52 per match. Romario, a player from Brazil, is also a leading scorer, having a record of 0.98 goals per match. These two players have better rates than Friedenreich, but overall, no player has come close to putting the ball in the net more often that this well known Brazilian star.

Club and Country Legends

Not every player that takes the field will be a record holder, but there are some amazing players that represent their country and have scored over 500 goals to date. These players are often leading choices for those that engage in sports betting, such as the wagering options that are presented at leading betting sites. Here, one can place wagers on who will score the most goals in a match as well as other events that can occur during any football match. Alternatively, those that wish to enjoy basic casino games as a form of betting will benefit from accounts at www.casumo.com.

A for those that are the leaders of the 500+ goal club, there are well-known names that have attracted football fans from all over the world. They include Gerd Muller, Ferenc Puskas, Eusebio, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Throughout the history of professional football, there have been many great players that have been leading scorers. While none may come close to putting in over 1,000 goals in a current career, some of the young superstars that take the field have a great opportunity to be high scorers and may, in fact, beat these records. Professional players now play more games than in the past, with international tournaments, playoffs and other games that all count towards player stats.

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