Results of Football Confrontations

Today, it has become much easier to follow the results of the most intriguing competitions from around the world. All you need is to go to the 777score website, and you will see a full-fledged list of the games that have been held lately.

The English Premier League is legitimately considered the strongest tournament in the world, because it has the best players from various parts of the globe. This season, the fight for the title is especially tense, because several strong clubs are participating in it at once. Among them are:

  • Liverpool;
  • Manchester City;
  • Chelsea

However, Arsenal and Tottenham are also not far behind their main contenders. Because of this, you can be absolutely sure that we will see a tough struggle for the title until the very last rounds.

It is much easier to keep abreast of the football scores today thanks to the website of sports statistics. The English Championship is traditionally given a lot of attention and the live results of matches are available to users immediately after they open the web portal.

Also, the fight for the FA trophy has started. During the Cup competitions, teams will compete against each other according to the Olympic system. At the same time, it is not 100% guarantee that the champion of the country will get the trophy.

Development of Events in EPL

Going back to the Premier League, it should be mentioned that this season is the time of tactical rearrangements. Chelsea began to play a completely different football with Sarri than it did with Conte. Now, the sides are more important, as well as long passes and spurts. Due to this, the Aristocrats have started the new season very confidently. They have 6 wins in 8 starting rounds.

In addition, in summer the Blues did not make any transfers, which means that it was the coaching decisions that led to a noticeable improvement in their results. As for Liverpool, even though Klopp’s squad were active in the transfer market, the main players are still the same as in the previous seasons. After a great start, the Reds slowed down a bit, playing several draws in a row. However, a series of difficult games is coming to an end, and Klopp’s team must win, especially if they really want to claim the winning of the champion title.

Thus, we can expect an intriguing and intense season, which promises to be filled with events and struggles everywhere. You can always follow the development of events at the website of sports statistics, which provides all the latest information.

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