The Elephant In The Room

With  just over 60+ days of Rafa’s 3 year contract to run what do you think will happen ? Obviously we all hope he’d stay but after being shafted, lied to & undermined for the past 3 years is it possible. Also we face the prospect of Ashley going nowhere fast, would Rafa really put up with virtually begging to Ashley via Charnley for another 3/5 years for transfer funds ? Rafa’s been an exceptional manager for us. He’s a legend  up there with Keegan & Sir Bobby. In Rafa’s mind (the project) this is the season we should have been pushing for one of those top 6 places. Then next season with a new contract signed leading us back in to European football. Unfortunately I can’t see Rafa staying beyond his contract in fact Ashley will be probably be glad to see the back of him & has probably got the next yes man (Pardew) lined up. The sad thing is Rafa will leave with hardly a ripple from the fan base. Yet first game next season SJP will be packed & Rafa will be a distant memory. Thanks Rafa you’vs been a great manager & well deserving of your legendary status. Bon Voyage 

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