Changes for Newcastle Next Season

It seems that a lot is up in the air for Newcastle football club for the 2019/20 season with rumours swirling about player cuts planned by Rafe Benitez despite his own future at the ground be unconfirmed as yet. The club has also been up for sale for some time, since October 2017 in fact, and although it should be an exciting prospect for someone, there seems to be a shortage of people to take the club off Mike Ashley’s hand. looks at the current situation and rumour mill that continues to circulate around the club.

When it comes to the sale, the issue could well be that the current Sports Direct bigwig is looking for three times what he paid for the club in 2007, which was 134million, so the price tag isn’t exactly small. It is also believed that the new owner will then have to foot the bill to bring the training ground, academy and scouting network back up to what it should be.

Looking at the job security for Benitez it seems the club is keen to retain the services of the former Liverpool, but there seem to be some undisclosed sticking points in the negotiations. Having won at Leicester City, it looks pretty confident that the team have secured themselves a place in the Premier League next season, which is excellent news for the team, and the manager. It was made quite clear he would not be staying of they had dropped down into the Championship as he sees himself as a top-level manager and nothing less. So, despite that fact that China and the Middle East have been sniffing around and making proposals to the man, it is unlikely he will be tempted to leave the spotlight that is top level European football.

It seems until now negotiations with management have been disjointed, so it seems now they need to sit down around the table and get things sorted if they want to secure an extension to Rafe’s contract. It doesn’t appear that there is any interest from any of the other Premier League clubs to steal the manager away so it is like he will be in a compromising mood although it is rumoured he has a set of conditions that cannot be negotiated on. However, these are not as people might expect related to a more substantial salary or more money for transfers. It is the process of recruitment and decision making that he is not happy with and he wants to establish some clarity here before committing to stay. He also has strong views on the signing of older players, clashing with the club preference of younger blood only. He feels that there are plenty of so-called older players with much to offer and want the freedom to sign where he thinks fit. In terms of players, it is rumoured that seven players will be dropped from the team before the new season starts, so Newcastle is one busy club and fans can only watch and wait to see how things pan out.

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