Newcastle United: The Casino Kings?

Some say money and gambling go hand in hand and the notion certainly seems to be true for football players. If rumours are to be believed, seemingly the most significant concentration of casino players is to be found at Newcastle United as reports.

Mike Ashley Rumours

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Newcastle owner Mike Ashley likes to spend his free time at the tables, and apparently, his lucky number is 17. No one knows why he loved this number prior to 2008, but after something of an impressive win, we can certainly understand why he favours it now. The location was Fifty London casino which sits in Mayfair, and the bet was a whopping £480,000 on a complete bet which basically covers all the possible outcomes that include that number. The technicalities are not that important but suffice to say it was a sizeable stake to lose. Clearly, someone was smiling down on him that day as he won an even bigger £1.3million which is basically, almost tripling his downpayment. Apparently, as he walked away from the table, he threw a parting shot at the croupier along the lines of “that’ll do me, thanks very much” amid rapturous applause and a standing ovation from his fellow players and table lurkers. Easy come, easy go some might say, as he was also rumoured to have had a bad night in 2011 when he went to Aspers Casino in his hometown with Alan Pardew and suffered at the craps table. Starting with an alleged £130,000 he managed to burn through and lose £100,000 in just ten minutes. He played for a couple of hours more trying to recoup some of the muller but instead lost a cracking £970,000. Admitting defeat, he headed for home at about four in the morning but not before he tipped the dealer £700. Some you win, some you, well frankly, don’t.

Andy Carroll Rumours

Andy Carroll also has a story to tell about his night in Aspers, and this starts one boozy evening in December of 2010, so before Ashley’s night of pain. Carrol had his own night of pain, but it did not involve money. As you might expect with 15 lads on a bender things got a bit messy, and rumour has it that there was a vast amount of Jagerbomb included in this. At 5 am while sat innocently on a bar stool, disaster struck when he toppled off his perch and was seen writhing on the ground in a large amount of pain. Apparently, his mates were less than sympathetic choosing to laugh instead of help their friend. We are not sure how many games he had to miss due to this injury but Ashley may not have been very impressed with this casino story, and we imagine he also had something of a sore head the next morning to accompany whatever body part he hurt when falling. Evidently, the theory that you fall better when drunk and are less likely to be injured did not work for him this time.

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