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Perhaps, Israel isn’t good at football and hockey, but yesterday it was proved that Israeli gamblers are among the best in the world.

Israeli Rafi Elharar managed to grasp the third place in the World’s largest poker tournament, the World Series of Poker Big-50 that finished on Friday at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re willing to try your hand at poker betting, make use of our bitcoin sportsbook.

At some moments, Rafi was even leading, but by the end of the tournament, he was the third of more than 28 thousand participants. As a result, he went to the cashier to get his 534,574 dollars.

The first place was taken by Femi Fashkin, Nigerian American, who works as a programmer in Florida. He managed to win 1,147 million dollars.

As for the second place, it was occupied by an American player Paul Cullen. He received 709 thousand dollars.

According to Israeli media, Rafi sat down at a card table in a T-shirt of the Israeli national team, which played that evening with the Latvian team in the qualifying games of the European Championship 2020. The Israeli national team won 3-0 and all goals were scored by Eran Zawi.

A winning atmosphere also reigned in Las Vegas: Israeli fans loudly backed Rafi Elharar. Among them was the famous poker player Ofer Schechter.

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