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Newcastle Set to Get Their Highest Ever Premiership Finish

That’s right, Newcastle is apparently going to finish in their highest ever position in the Premier League, that is, at least, if the newest supercomputer prediction is accurate bonusbets.com reports today.

Following the release of the fixture list for the 2019/2020 season, the pundits have been at work trying to predict who will win, and who will be relegated and SportNation have used a supercomputer simulation to run the whole season and see where people will end up. This simulation not only took into account the fixtures but also noted the dates on which certain games were played and looked at local derbies as well, as these can have an effect on teams going into the games. They have also looked at where teams finished previously as some indicator of performance going forward.

All this seems to be good news for Newcastle fans as they have been tipped to finish higher than they ever have before. Manchester City is tipped to set a record three-peat and be the first team to do so in over a decade, as the predictions have them topping the table again, with Liverpool being the perennial bridesmaid finishing in second place again.

Manchester United have previously won three consecutive Premiership titles but their cross-city rivals, who start the season at 5/7 favourite look set to equal that this year if they pick up the top spot as predicted and they start the season with a match in which they have always performed well. Manchester City opens with an away fixture to West Ham, a game in which they have scored twelve goals in the last three occurrences.

However, this isn’t all plain sailing for City who will have a tough winter. In November and December, they will be playing Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United. A feat that they will have to do again in the Spring when they face the same four teams over a five-week period at the tail end of April.

Liverpool, coming in at second again despite being European Champions, will have a tough close to the season, finishing off two of their last three games by playing Arsenal and Chelsea. So if the season closing is as close as this year, then the Reds will have a tough finish to the season, though they do finish with a Friday night game to newly promoted Norwich City, so this will give them some hope of ending well.

Tottenham looks to finish third, while Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal round out the top six. The latter three starting the season with the longest ever odds at winning with all three teams having odds in excess of 20/1.

Newcastle is predicted to finish in eighth place, which would be their highest ever finish, just behind a Wolves team that is on form. So maybe they will be able to snatch an extra win or two and finish higher than that. At least it means they won’t be fighting in the relegation zone this year.

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