1xbet strikes deal with FC Barcelona as global partner for 5 years

This summer, the Catalan Barcelona is very active, and traditionally the news of the team are the front-page stories of sports newspapers. So, the team managed to make several super transfers. In particular, the club signed contracts with De Jong and Griezmann. Moreover, 1xbet strikes deal with FC Barcelona as global partner. The partnership between two global brands will help both of them achieve success and expand their target audiences. The previous season, the Catalan club won only the championship of Spain, which is clearly not consistent with its ambitions. That is why already by the middle of summer Barcelona unfolded an impressive transfer campaign and was the first football club to spend more than 1 billion euros on new players in recent years.

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The renewed Blau Granas are expected to bring the results already in the upcoming season. The team has a really cool lineup now. The players just need a little time to play along and again make Barcelona the strongest club not only in Spain, but in the international arena, too.

Among the trump cards of the Catalans in the upcoming season are:

  • 1. Many star players in the lineup. There are particularly a lot of them in the attacking line, that is why the fans are expecting to see the effective combinational football and new records set by Barcelona.
  • 2. Individual skills of the leaders. In addition, new players should reduce the dependence of the Catalans on Messi.
  • 3. Incredible motivation to win all tournaments. The renewed lineup is able to achieve success on all fronts.

The first matches will already be able to answer the question of what Barcelona will be like in future and whether it is able, with all the stars in the lineup, to claim domestic and international trophies.

Advantages of partnership of the club and 1xbet

The signing of partnership contract with the bookmaker once again proves that the Catalans are developing not only as the strongest team in the world, but also as a global brand. Today, Messi and the team are known in various parts of the world. Due to the fact that 1xbet strikes the deal with FC Barcelona as a global partner, the team will be able to attract new fans. Cooperation with market leaders is a continuation of the development of the team’s image and creation of the brand that will become recognizable all over the world. The bookmaker office also wins, because now it is the official partner of the team, whose star lineup is able to win all trophies in the domestic and international arena. There surely won’t be equals to the team for many years.

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