Some questions from a Manchester United forum

I’m an admin from Man Utd fan forum RedCafe and we have this feature where I go to other forums, ask some questions and bring the answers back.

If any of you could answer some of the questions below it would be much appreciated, thank you.


Q01: By the end of his spell at Liverpool, Rafa Benitez was a fan favourite and is still seen as huge figure there. Other than the Championship trophy, he didn’t win anything at Newcastle United but did well despite the lack of investment and is seemingly hugely popular at Newcastle United too. What did you make of his time in charge of Newcastle United and how do you feel about him?


Q02: Going from Rafa Benitez to Steve Bruce must have been crushing. He was an unpopular appointment before he managed his first game yet you have beaten Spurs this season. What were your first thoughts on his appointment, how do you play under him (has he changed your thoughts on him?) and how do you think you’ve gone from a 1:0 win away to Spurs to failing to win in five games since?


Q03: We’ve both easily got the most unpopular owners in the league (by the fans of the respective clubs at least), but it seems your reign of misery is almost at an end with you linked to a takeover before the season started. What’s the latest, how do you feel about the potential takeover and do you think Mike Ashley will actually sell?


Q04: If a takeover were to happen, who realistically would you like to be your next manager (assuming Bruce doesn’t become an unmitigated success) and why?


Q05: We were linked to Sean Longstaff in the summer but the move didn’t happen with Newcastle United resolute that he wasn’t for sale. What is he like as a player and how happy are you to have kept hold of him?


Q06: Full thoughts on Andy Carroll and his return to the club?


Q07: What is your favourite memory in your time supporting Newcastle United?


Q08: Which three Newcastle United players do you think will be ones to watch this season?


Q09: How do you expect both Manchester United and Newcastle United to do in the league this season?


Q10: Which XI would you like to see your team field against us?


Q11: Finally, your predictions for the match?

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