How Is Coronavirus Affecting UK Soccer Clubs?

Even if you are trying to avoid the news and stories about coronavirus, you are probably aware that the whole planet is in lockdown at the moment. The presence of the virus has affected all parts of our lives and forced us to stay at home. For anyone working from home, this is nothing new. However, when it comes to certain industries, like the sports industry, this situation is almost unbearable.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the majority of teams decided to keep playing in most competitions but without the audience. Unfortunately, these measures weren’t good enough and couldn’t prevent the rapid spread of the virus. Therefore, almost all competitions, including the Premier League upcoming matches had to be postponed.

Recently, the authorities have decided to stop all soccer events until April 30. This inspired us to find out how the situation affected some of the Premier League teams.

Liverpool’s manager, Jürgen Klopp, decided to speak about the effects coronavirus have on sports. He stated that health is more important than soccer and that it would be absolutely unacceptable to keep any sports competition going until the pandemic stops taking lives.

When asked about the issue, Klopp also mentioned that the club officials would speak to various federations and governing bodies. He emphasized that Liverpool will stay true to its sporting integrity and agree to whatever is best for the well-being of society.

Meanwhile, Liverpool’s players have individual training programs to follow and practice at home.
They are all advised to stay away from training grounds until stated otherwise.

If the season does resume from April 30, they will be notified on time. At the moment, only injured players can access the rehabilitation center, but they have to follow strict protocols to minimize contact with other people. Of course, traveling abroad is out of the question for all team members.

Newcastle United

Newcastle United decided to close their training facilities to practically everyone for the next two weeks. Injured players are the only exception to this rule, as they need physiotherapy.

Their training area has been regularly disinfected for quite some time already, as several players and members of the team caught another virus around Christmas. The club officials stated that all Newcastle players and staff members are healthy. Nevertheless, every player received a personal training program and is advised to stay at home.

However, Steve Bruce does not have a problem with players traveling abroad during this forced break. The only term is that the club’s doctor carefully assesses anyone who wants to travel during these two weeks.

Bruce thinks there’s no reason for the season not to resume and plans to get the players back on the field after the isolation period. He finished by stating that Newcastle United had been preparing for a situation like this and created individual training programs even before the lockdown.


Watford’s players are the ones that probably train the most, as their current position is rather fragile. No one is saying anything about the plans for this upcoming month of isolation. Of course, they are monitoring the overall situation, as well as the health of all players and the rest of the team.

At the moment, all players are healthy, while some administrative staff members got days off as a preventive measure. Although Watford is quite eager to play the remaining matches and secures their spot in the Premier League next season, they agree that health is something they shouldn’t play with.

The fate of this season is unknown and will remain so until the end of April, as the league’s officials do not consider it appropriate to discuss the details at this time. However, if we all stay at home in the upcoming weeks, we can make a change on a world-scale level and maybe even watch some soccer matches in May.

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