Judgement Day

As we reflect on yet another shambolic Newcastle United defeat, this time against already relegated Queens Park Rangers, we set our sights on next Sunday: Judgement Day.
The club is in an even more desperate situation than recent weeks. One single point from 30 now, still no game plan to speak of to grind out the points so desperately needed and still not a shred of fight, let alone pride from the players. Newcastle United unbelievably still have their fate in their own hands: a win next Sunday against West Ham United will see the team “compete” at the highest level for another year at least. Sadly, even the most optimistic fan must now question this team’s ability to win a competitive football match under pressure, so it looks like everything hinges on whether Steve Bruce’s Hull City have it in them to beat Manchester United at home.
Whatever happens on Judgement Day there should be absolutely no doubt that this entire shambolic situation has been self-inflicted due to severe neglect. It was neglectful to go into the season with a manager who had shown relegation form for the best part of two seasons. It was neglectful to not invest significantly in key positions where the squad was weak. It was neglectful to weaken the squad in January rather than to strengthen it. And finally, it was certainly neglectful to not replace Alan Pardew, who left for Crystal Palace on his own accord, with a proper manager and effectively write off half a season on the assumption that we were ‘safe’.
As much as the managing director, the “manager” and the players deserve criticism for our current plight, the buck stops with one man and one man only, Mike Ashley. He is running “his” club as per his vision for it, and that has resulted in no less than three relegation struggles in six Premier League seasons. Still, as the season draws to a close the club is well on course to set a fifth successive profit even if its owner does not pay a single penny for his commercial use of it as a global advertising vehicle for his sportswear shop. Quite what Newcastle United or its fans get out of this relationship is anyone’s guess.
At AshleyOut.com we are finalising our protest plans for the West Ham game, or Judgement Day as it will no doubt be known, even though the actual outcome of this fake football game will not change anything to the long term prospect of Newcastle United – a club aiming only for Premier League survival will eventually fail. We expect to have a loud and clearly visible presence inside St. James’ Park and we call on every Newcastle United fan to either (continue to) boycott this game and/or join us in our protest regardless of the outcome of the game, regardless of whether we ultimately stay up or go down this time around and regardless of countless pleas for support that will undoubtedly follow this week from the gutless club representatives that have allowed the club to descend into this shambles through their own actions and decisions.
Enough is Enough. This club is not OUR club.


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