Leicester City (a) protest announcement

Following another successful day of protest last Saturday including action outside Sports Direct on Northumberland Street and approximately 80% of those in attendance at St. James’ Park standing up to Mike Ashley after 34 minutes of the game, we move on to Leicester away.


We feel it is important to continue with action on a game by game basis. The media rhetoric has changed and the local and national narrative is now firmly focused on the sad state of affairs that is Newcastle United under the ownership of Mike Ashley. This must continue.

We call on those travelling down to Leicester to continue to #StandUpToAshley after 34 minutes of the game to symbolise our discontent about the current ownership of Newcastle United. Our volunteers will be outside the ground to distribute materials and will be taking various banners to the game.


There will also be some limited action against Sports Direct stores in the vicinity of Leicester. We are still in the early days of this campaign and we will further expand our protest activities in the coming weeks and months.

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Mark Ellwood
Is there no way we can get a huge sheet saying Ashley out that the fans can move round the stadium like for instance at Liverpool #get the fat sod out!! Sparky from durham
Mark Ellwood
Is there not some way we can get a huge banner that fans can pass round at St James like for instance the one at Liverpool #getfatmanout
You’d have to bribe some stewards
Mark Ellwood
Hopefully even they would love to see Fatman out
An NUFC focussed protest against Sports Direct in Newcastle – good idea
A political focussed protest against Sports Direct in Leicester – good idea
An NUFC focussed protest against Sports Direct in Leicester – I’m not sure. Why would the people of Leicester care about who owns us? We wouldn’t be very interested in a Leicester protest against King Power on Northumberland Street would we?
I don’t know, Chris. It seems like there’s a growing understanding around the country that Jabba’s shops are deceptive to their customers and not good for their workers. Maybe the people in Leicester are open to those arguments.
It’s important to hit him where it hurts. It’s the only thing he cares about.
Yes you’re quite right, all bad publicity is good publicity, I just hope Leicester folk can appreciate the none NUFC element to the protest
Blackpool fans showing us how to escalate things. Perhaps not for the next match, but West Ham?
We need increasing pressure for the rest of the season and may force a summer sale. I mean he must be thinking, ‘fuck this’. Lets not relent.
and what happens if these owners leave, you have no idea who’s next. when the next person comes and fumbles, you will ask him out also. when will this stop hun?
while your team suffer because their fans are distracted from cheering them to victory.
Will there be a boycott WBA?
we need to continue to boycott not dishing out leaflets to be held up inside the stadium.boycottwest brom
Guest 2
Forget the sob stories, don;t let this lot off the hook. It’s all of their making, not ours, and it’s time for change in OUR club.
you all keep cpmplaining and whining…… first you asked Pardew out, now he’s doing excellent in Crystal Palace, now you want Ashley out…… for christ sake y’all should bottle up your complains and support your club through their tough times,

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